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1 year ago
So I've had this game for a while.
I got married in Hawaii, and my wife was a Hula dancer for a while. So we really dig this pins theme.
It's so different compared to modern pins, even than the 70s EMs that I play in other collections.

Those ABCD holes in the center of the playfield you'd think would divert the ball but they aren't as annoying as you'd think. It's a fast game for the era I feel, and the rules are kind of confusing but ultimately satisfying if you can light up all the bonuses.

It's a keeper on theme, and if you want a ballbuster EM game for tournament, but in a small collection I'm not sure how lasting it would be. But for me, it's a great change of pace and the classic bells and chimes will always bring me back.
2 years ago
So I've owned Rick and Morty for a few weeks now. Great game. Should eventually be a top 10 game.

+ The music, artwork, theme, callouts, "feel" is excellent if you are a fan of the show. If you are not a fan, I think the colors and music and theme are vibrant and catchy.... IOW, no foreknowledge of the show is necessary, but it certainly helps.
+ Shot variety and difficulty. There is a lot to do, and the rules are simple at first glance. But if you want to score big, you really have to chase down those mega seeds and go to the dimensions, and you have to do that while solving the adventures with a decent score. Add in side quests like meeseeks mania and other stuff, well... there's just so much to do. But it doesn't feel like chopping wood or doing the same thing all the time.
+ Can't get enough of these non-traditional fan layouts. Scott really hits it out of the park with an interesting layout that really requires you to use all 3 flippers to hit certain shots, as well as get comfortable with nudging and dead bounces, if you're not.
+ That magnet! So much fun.

- I will say the left ramp is long and tall and besides the family stand up targets, it's the only main shot you use the right flipper for. So A- wish there were a few more shots you needed the right flipper for, and B - That left ramp is a doozy.
- Cursing doesn't bother me (I was a sailor in my former life), but I can see how some folks won't enjoy that in their "family friendly" game room.
- Frenetic. You sometimes have no choice but to play lots of shots off-the-cuff, which I know annoys lots of folks who are of the "trap and shoot" mindset.
- Obviously, the amount of tweaking some folks have had to do. I will say that I didn't change my garage or spinner guides, and while they are hard shots seem makable. I had several rejects that I thought should go to the garage, so perhaps I'll tweak that one. And I have not experienced issues with flipper hold or power fade, at least nothing that I dont' experience with other games, old and new, after 30+ minutes of play.

If you're a fan of the show, or love modern games with great music, callouts, theme, and shot variety, or love Spooky games in general, this is an absolute winner.
4 years ago
It's now been 5 months of actual TNA ownership, and quite a long time since I fell in love with the whitewood.

A few thoughts.

+ Pluses:
* varied RGB lighting completely matches the play style of the game
* music... how many pins also release their own soundtrack?!
* easy to learn, a lifetime to master....
* just one more game feeling
* I love the 80s, dystopian techno-noir nuclear age future theming
* Co-op play!

- Minuses:
* I suppose music can get repetitive if you don't like that style of techno
* Pretty brutal, not newbie friendly
* Some variance in QA leaves a bad taste in your mouth if you are affected

Overall, one of my most played pins. I tend to prefer simple but hard pins... any game I have to play for an hour to get anywhere (I'm looking at you LOTR) I tend to dislike. So this game scratched that quick game feeling... but if you have a long game (20 minutes?)... you're totally spent trying to go through all those reactors.

Also scratches that early SS vibe and still owning a modern pin, which is quite nice.

When you have folks over, and you're all drinking, and do 4 player co-op... life is fine! One of the only pins I play even at a friends house on league night... just because it's that good.
4 years ago
Doctor Who is a game I've had for a while now. We played it at a show a few years ago and my wife had to have it.
Now that I've owned it for a while, I'd like to say it's one of my favorite games. Sure, I'd sell it if the price was right, but it's here and I'm enjoying it.

+ Pluses:
* That mini playfield! Never ceases to amaze new players with the multi level awesomeness.
* I actually put the Dalek music and voice callouts in the plus column, b/c they are awesome.
* Sonic boom is extremely satisfying
* Colorful playfield, with lots of different ways to score points
* Video mode pretty fun
* Pick-A-Doctor is unique and impactful to your strategy

- Minuses:
* That mini playfield! LOL. When it's hurting, you're hurting attempting repairs
* Most folks think going for just multi-ball is repetitive, and they're not wrong, but there's just more to do
* All those doctors! Kinda confusing and distracts from just hitting targets and getting points
* Toppers are unobtanium, which kinda sucks if you're missing one

On the whole, Doctor Who is both a pin that appeals to casual players (my wife and kids), and more serious pinballers as well. So it's a nice entry level machine that can grow with your collection as you grow in skill.

You don't have to be Whovian to enjoy this pin (did I spell that right?).
5 years ago
I've owned Space Station for almost a year now. I find that the shots and gameplay, like many classic System 11s, are simple yet extremely engaging. You want to play again and again. The pumping music really gives it a great space-like feeling.

I enjoy the shots, although if you miss your shot and ricochet into the top right VUK it just keeps going back into the top pf, and that gets a little old time and time again. Kind of sad that you pretty much just keep trying for multi-ball and that's it... but the simple joy of CONDITION GREEN keeps you coming back for more.

The light show for Extra Ball, Condition Green, and others is great on this pin. Definitely one of the best System 11s or indeed any older Solid State around.

I'll keep it until something better comes along, but I'm going to enjoy the ride while it lasts. I wouldn't recommend it in a small collection, but if you only wanted or had space for a single System 11 I'd recommend it.
5 years ago
I'll never understand all those folks that only play modern pinball games and say that this pin isn't fun because it doesn't have long ball times or varied deep modes or rules. That's silly. This game is an absolute blast to play, plain and simple.
I'll admit, I have a bit of a love of System 11s and simpler rule sets, so it's clear to me why the rules here are appealing.
But I've had plenty of non-pinball players visit and play this game "just one more time" b/c it's very addictive.

Great music and sounds.
Excellent color and mood.
One of the best toys ever in the mist.

It's hard! And this is a plus, b/c an easy pin is nobody's friend. It'll make you play better. Stacking the 3 multi-balls and keeping that going is a rush. Screaming out "30 Million" along with the game as you hit another ramp.

If you can only complain about 3 three stand ups in the middle making the ball come back SDTM, you need you analyze your risk/reward shots and just don't aim up the center. It's there for a reason. Don't feel like looping multiple times to unlock coffin lock? Hit the targets quickly!

I wouldn't ColorDMD this title as it should stay blood red, nor would I garishly blue-led everything on here either.
Keep it clean, keep it simple, and this game will reward you with punishing pleasure.

I agree with one poster that you should put this next to a long-ball game, and when you get bored/tired of that game and you play this you will be refreshed!
6 years ago
Bride of Pinbot is almost my number one game to want to own.

If I had to sell my entire collection, this would be one of the two pins I'd want to eventually buy to keep (ES being the other).

Had one years ago and sold it. Regret fills me. The Rage and Jealousy is real when I go to my friend's house and play his. :)

Seriously, there is something primal about making the Bride come alive, and the pin's heartbeat sounds and music really pack on the pressure when trying for that Billion Point shot!

With a nice cleared playfield, this can be such a beautiful pin. Also, please don't 2.0 the thing, the original is good just as it is.
6 years ago
I had Demolition Man for less than a year.

It's great fun, the multi ball fever and the claw are great.
Mine also had upgraded speakers and sub, so the music was pounding. Fit the theme and game play very well.

Also loved the handles. Wasn't a fan of the wide body though (I'm not in general).

I eventually got rid of it b/c I felt like there wasn't a great amount to do, and it was just clunky enough even with the simple ruleset to not make me want to play again after I had a successful game.

Anyway, get one, you won't regret it. Even if you sell/trade it later.
6 years ago
T2 is my longest owned pin.
Always has that one more shot feeling.
A properly executed big jackpot cannon shot makes you feel really happy, with all the lights blazing!

Great flow, hit right ramp, left ramp, right ramp, left ramp, cpu, big points!
While the shots are pretty straightforward and easy, it just never seems to get tiring.

I might eventually sell it, but only if the wife agrees.
I LED'd mine out tastefully and with a cleaned and waxed playfield this thing is blazing fast.
6 years ago
RBION is a game I keep wanting to come back and play.
I don't own one, but a few locals do, and I always think about wanting to buy one I like it so much.

I'm a huge Ripley's fan, so the pin appeals to me aesthetically as well as for a fun pin to play.
Would pick one up in a heartbeat if I could.
7 years ago
So I'm a bit biased, but ES is my favorite pin from BITD. I looked for one for many years, and finally managed to snag one.

Sure, there's not a TON of depth, but what there is makes up for that -- it's fast, it's fun, you can literally play it all day and not get bored. There's something magical about the cabinet shaking and the callout, "EARTHSHAKER!!!". Makes me happy.

I was lucky enough to get one with a sinking institute (just like the one I remember playing on), so that definitely adds another dimension to it aesthetically. If you can't find one of those early 200, then get a sinking kit. Either way, it's great fun.

Just about the best back glass in pinball, I'm sorry, it's awesome.

I'll agree with others that there are a few deeper and more "powerful" sys11 games out there (this one's cousin Whirlwind comes to mind), but for my money ES is still the best.
7 years ago
I've owned the Shadow for about 3 months now, and played it quite a lot. I thought it was time to review it.

It's definitely a player's pin, with some difficult shots (the target below the upper loop that you hit from the top right flipper is sometimes pretty tough to get). Love the phurbas as a gimmick as well as giving you the ability to shift the ball to the other side of the play field without having to try a flipper pass.

I think the music and sound effects are spectacular. The magnet! Upper play field is also a neat gimmick, although if you go up there too much it's a bit repetitive.

I have not yet unlocked the super mode, but I've been close. With an alt translite and a color dmd, this title really shines, but it's perfectly fine to leave it factory (my wife, in fact, prefers the Alec up there, God only knows why).

Definitely does well in a larger collection, might be frustrating to have as your only pin. Pair it with a fun, quick game, Sys11 or something and you'll be fine. I love mine, and it'll likely never leave. Does not get old.

I've had the game for a couple years now... and it's still a keeper. I flirted with selling it briefly... but rebuilt the power and flippers and waxed it and man... definitely a great pin. Continues to play different than most other pins out there, and still provides a challenge, even if you've beaten it.

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