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6 years ago
A fun game, but become essentially a game of rinse and repeat, with the primary goal of starting the one multiball as much as possible. Would prefer some more variety.
6 years ago
I love this machine, just as much as the premium or LE. My only complaint is the lack of lower playfield. It may be a small thing, however I feel it is a nice change of pace on the premium/le. I could care less about the rest of the changes...drop targets, ramp crossover...etc.
6 years ago
I love this machine. The theme and music is so well incorporated. he playfield layout is perfect and this is a game that has amazing flow as a result. In addition, the rules are just awesome on this game.
6 years ago
Love the integration of the Doctor Who theme. If you are a Doctor Who fan, you will love this machine for that fact alone. I just love hearing the theme song the second you hit the start button, and the tardis noise when you hit the VUK. The miniplayfield is of course an awesome toy, and I love the loop shot. I also think the way you feed the left top flipper is very interesting from a playfield layout stand point. The rules and gameplay on this game are very interesting, as this is a score game. There are not really modes, there are just different ways to score points. You can choose different doctors to assist the way you decide to play the table, as each doctor gives a different bonus. i personally always start with the 6th Doctor, because he increase the playfield multiplier from the loop shot. Then I always try to hit that loop right away, and a lot.

This a great players game that will keep you coming back trying out new ways to get a better score.
6 years ago
The Getaway is just a fun game. As everyone says, the supercharger is a really cool toy. It serves no real purpose other then being cool, but it serves that purpose well. There are no real modes here. There are two multiballs (Red line Mania and Red Light Multiball), a video mode, and score mode called supercharger. The layout itself is fine, though I tend to prefer layouts that have two ramps, and I am not a big fan of the saucer with side kickout. All in all though, Getaway is a fast fun game.
6 years ago
So first let me say, that I am biased, because this game has a huge nostalgia factor for me. Not only do i have lots of memories playing at as a kid, but I love the movie (many people do not).

With that said, I love this game. The art works on this machine is great if your a fan of the movie. 'Toys' wise I love the windcoaster ramp and the skull. I really like the sounds and music, the one negative here is that they did not use the real actors or sound bites from the movies. You can definitely tell that these are sound a likes, however they did a great job of using lots of quotes from the film to ensure that the sound a likes at least are saying the right things. As for DMD animations, you can definitely tell this is an early DMD game, because this game could use a lot of help in this regard.

Gameplay wise I love the game. Yes, you can spam the windocoaster and take advantageous of other little scoring flaws. However, there are plenty of things going on in this game so yo can just have fun. I also really like the skill shot and how multiball is initiated with the physical lock/use of skill shot.
7 years ago
I mostly like this pin because of the art package, more specifically the backglass. This game ends up being an interesting mash up of the alien movies and the space invaders arcade game. The art is predominately centered around the Aliens, with small snippets of the Space Invaders, while the sound package is very reminiscent of the Space Invaders.
7 years ago
My favorite machine of all. Every aspect of the game is amazing, but I must say my favorite part is the sound. The music and sounds are amazing on this machine. Add to that an awesome art package, a great layout, cool toys, and a ruleset that keeps you coming back for more, and you have the whole package.
7 years ago
I think this may be the best execution of theme out there. This game feels like an episode of the tv show. In addition, unlike many newer games, each mode seems unique. It does not feel like a rinse and repeat formula. It is especially nice not only having the missions which you must progress through to get to the wizard mode, but also the neutral zone modes which help keep the gameplay fresh.
7 years ago
First off, this machine does not have a deep ruleset. However, that is not a bad thing. Not all games need to be like LOTR and TSPP, some just need to be fun. This game is fun. It is all about the multiball. All of the modes are multiball modes, and of course this game has the best multibal start of a pinball out there. X-men has copied it, but cant match it. Lost in Space really gets the disc spinning before the balls are released, flinging them everywhere. Its awesome.
7 years ago
Love this machine! Though I may be biased because I love the theme. This also has my favorite playfield toy though, the Death Glider!!

I really like the rule set of the machine. It is very easy for someone who has never played the game to understand what they need to do, however the shots are difficult enough that the game maintains its lastability.

This is a multiball bonanza. Most of he modes are a multiball mode. The best part though is that almost all those multiballs have an add-a-ball aspect. So, you start with a certain number of balls and then get rewarded with another when you do something good.

You would think all those multiballs would make the game easy, however the short or nonexistent ball save on multiballs means that if you lose control of things during a multiball you can easily get a multiple ball drain and have your ball done and over with in the blink of an eye. Its all about risk and reward.
7 years ago
I love the theme, the artwork, and the music. This game is my wife's favorite and I greatly enjoy it as well. The rules need a little balancing, since you could just ignore the modes and have one good multiball and get amazing scores. However, the game is still fun, and I still find myself going for modes and trying to complete them, even if the arn't worth as many points.