Munsters Black & White Premium

By Daisy007

August 16, 2022

46 days ago

So I'm totally new to Pinside, though I've read lots here before to kinda learn many new things related to Pinball :) 
My husband just bought me my first "dream machine" & it's the Munsters Black & White Premium. It's immaculate with around a thousand plays only.. the thing is, being new to this, the last time I played pinball I was just a kid, so being new to this, I can't find the STERN topper, it's the one with the cuckoo clock for the Munsters 
I'm aware it's out of stock & there have been a few issues with these toppers but I need one in my life.. 

If anyone has one that's in good working order that they are wanting to sell I'd love to buy it.

We are just outside Houston TX 
** Please send me a message if you have a stern cuckoo clock topper for sale :) 

I'm hoping I'll have more luck here than online! 

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