A Pinball Love Affair

By daintress

May 04, 2020

25 days ago

When I moved back to PA, it wasn't long before I bought my first pinball machine...and then very quickly, my second.  In a tiny little 1 bedroom apartment in Lyndora, PA.

A year went by, and I got married, moved a few towns over, and kept collecting pins. My husband thought I was a terrible geek the first time I took him to a PPL event....but even before we were married, he too had purchased 2 machines. Instantly our collection was 4 games!  Now, only 5 years later, we own and operate a pinball arcade in Lyndora, only a few miles from where those first two games and I resided.  There are 12 pins total, in that location, though 2 are still being rebuilt.  Plus a few more still at our home, waiting until Coronavirus has run its course to be moved over to the arcade.

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