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1 year ago
This machine is a fun shooter!
Love the spinners
1 year ago
Nice game! Grabbed it for the looks! Not a deep game, but the shoots are really nice!
2 years ago
Great game! Maximize the outlanes (remove posts), set the slings “aggressive” and you have a challenging and fun game!
2 years ago
Cool game, great music!
2 years ago
What can i say, great game! Looks cool, sounds good, plays great! It’s different, like a lightning fast classic. Top notch!
2 years ago
Didn’t care for it a year ago...but now i’ve had some more time on it. It has become one of my favorite games. The game is tough, gotta keep calm and stay focused at all times to stay alive. So if you like hard playing games and are no stranger to move games, this might be the game for you :)
2 years ago
Fun game! Nice theme, Some nice shots, some clunky ones.
The biggest drawback for me is the loud flipper noise, gives a kinda cheap feeling to the game. But all in all a good and different game.
3 years ago
Changed my mind about ACDC...it's still an ugly game for sure...but it's a very fun shooter!
It can be mean, but when you dialed in your shoots and get a feel for the nudges...it is rewarding!
3 years ago
It's ok, but not a top 10 IF you ask me :)
3 years ago
Tried it a couple of Times.....not for me. (Yet?)
3 years ago
Excellent game!
3 years ago
Played it on different locations...had to buy it :-)
4 years ago
So far the most boring pin I've played.
Sorry all hunting guys out there :-)
4 years ago
Super cool theme! Fun to play! ( Have only played it on location )
4 years ago
It's ok!
4 years ago
Ok gameplay, but not a fan of the drain shots on the left side of the playfield. Ugliest pin i've seen. Sorry GOT fans :)
4 years ago
Like this game...mostly for the nice theme and ofcourse....Rudy!
4 years ago
It's ok
4 years ago
Good game! But not worth it's current price tag.
4 years ago
Top notch game!
4 years ago
Pure fun!!

Updated: while it's a really fun game...it gets a bit old, no variation in strategy. But still a really good game and I enjoy playing it once in a while.
4 years ago
Learn the rules! It's a Fun game!
4 years ago
Fun Pinball with a very cool theme!
4 years ago
Fun Pinball for all family members!
Lot's of action!