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4 years ago
I can't imagine why anyone would give the Vault a bad rating except for those that are in their original versions for too much and can't upgrade to a Vault without losing their shirts. Better in every way.
6 years ago
Most underrated late model Stern pin IMHO. Fantastic flow (hey it's a Steve Ritchie pin) Not the deepest ruleset but callouts and layout are great. All metal ramps and wire forms. Can still be had for a reasonable price. I highly suggest picking T3 is so choice. :)
7 years ago
Not really sure why this Gomez game gets so much hate. Sound package and call outs are great. Great flow & a real draw for novice and pinheads alike. I guess it helps I'm a fan of the films. Guess I can't get too upset people dog this late model pin. It makes it more affordable. It may find more of a following down the line like IM. Who knows. I for one am pleased to have added it to my collection.
7 years ago
Gottlieb's best System 3 pin by far. Probably best implementation of a Movie themed pin IMHO. Built like a tank and the most gorgeous backglass translite I've ever seen. Can still be purchased for a reasonable price but doubt this pin will be immune to pinflation down the line. Only complaint is there is a little bit too much stop & go and the left ramp seems almost impossible to climb unless your 3rd flipper is dialed in just right. Music & animation is good for the time. Overall gorgeous playable art.
7 years ago
JM is a highly underrated Williams pin that can still be purchased for a decent price. People like to complain about the main glove gimmick of the game but it really ads a lots a fun to the game IMHO. Pin prices are on the rise & this pin will not be immune to pinflation down the line. A true keeper in my collection.