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7 years ago
I had to update my rating. When I first got my NIB Smaug I LOVED it. Just gorgeous, built like a tank, and I loved the theme being a fan of the movies. But after just a few months, I got REALLY tired of the game. Their just isn't many shots, and after a while, tons of monster pop ups and multi balls gets really old. I think the sound, the lights, the video is fantastic, as good as any game I've ever played. But the lack of shots can't be overcome long term. In a big collection, it probably wouldn't matter as much, but in my smaller collection, I got to the point I never played it once I started killing smaug every game and going through all the modes. Looks great, plays average at best. I traded my for a STLE and it was the best decision I've ever made in pinball.
8 years ago
I ABSOLUTELY love this pin!! I've had a lot of good stern pinballs in my collection over the years (TSPP, LOTR, SM, IM, ACDC Prem, FGY, RBION, etc.) and although its still in the honeymoon phase this so far is my favorite! Its crazy fast like IM for example, but so much more to do than IM. There are a lot of very satisfying shots, especially the 2 metal ramps. It just feels VERY well built, compared to a cheap POS like the Avengers for example. The music is good, but I will definitely be changing the songs out using pinball browser. The ONLY potential negative IF you have young children, is that even when you have the adult setting turned off, there is a lot of inappropriate call outs for little ones. No big deal for the teens and adults, but with a 5 & 7 year old, not ideal right now. But this too can be fixed with the browser program. I have only played the Prem but can't imagine being as content with a pro and not having all the toys. For the record, back in the 80s and early 90s I was a HUGE Metallica fan, but really don't listen to them much now. Whether you like or hate their music, the pin is still absolutely worth playing/owning.
10 years ago
WOW. I am just BLOWN away by this pin!! I have the ACDC Premium. Granted its only been in my collection for less than a week, but so far, this is, without a doubt, the best Stern pin I've ever owned! That includes the following list of Sterns that have been or are currently in my collection: SM, IM, LOTR, X-Men, TSPP, FGY, and RBION.

What I love about the pin:

1. Its fast and furious. This is the same thing that I love about SM and IM.

2. Its difficult with short ball times. While I enjoy pins that have long ball times, like SM and LOTR for example, I am finding I enjoy really short and challenging pins a lot more these days. My typical ball times are between IM and X-Men. I love that.

3. BEAUTIFUL light show. My favorite of ANY pin I've ever owned. There is something so pleasing about the look of this pin.

4. LOVE the audio! That includes both the songs and the Steve Richie call outs. I would like to add that while I "like" ACDC, and like a few songs quite a bit, I am not really a big fan. I've never bought one of their albums, have never seen them in concert, etc. It doesn't matter, I still LOVE this pin.

5. Fantastic job in the software! A lot of thought was put into pairing up certain songs with certain toys and modes. Just extremely well done!

In a nutshell, this is currently my favorite pin I've ever owned. It will be interesting to see if it remains this way after the newness wears off, but right now I'm guessing I'll continue to feel the same way, even months later.

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