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7 years ago
7 years ago
Fast, challenging, drain monster. Great satisfaction when the game goes well. Has everything I expect from a good pinball.
7 years ago
I do not expect I`ll ever see Mephisto on a top 100 list or on the list of most wanted. So I´m going to be a bit subjective.
Artwork looks great. Playfield and backglass are both well done and with nice details that fit the theme.
The music and sounds create a special atmosphere.
Rules are simple, but require precision and skill for good results. Missing of and shooting all around the playfield will quickly be punished. This machine is a real drain monster.
Mephisto is like early 80´s Bally machines. Looks like it was hand made in a garage.
I love this pinball and for me it's 10 but really this is not top machine.
This pinball is very difficult to find ( 6 registered in the world ) and could bee a real challenge for collectors.
7 years ago
Underrated game. Much more fun than it looks........ so let's give a higher rating.
Not too nice, but play it ........ that is something I like.
7 years ago
Not for me.
7 years ago
Repaired one at work. Then played for a while. Disappointment. Then done everything I know to do it faster and more interesting. Then re-played. I wanted to like it. I failed.
7 years ago
In my youth, I spent a lot of time and money on Madusa. Now I want to buy an old lady in good condition for my own exclusive use.
7 years ago
Played a few hours. I was pleasantly surprised. I want to have it.
7 years ago
Great old pinball. It will never become boring.
7 years ago
Legendary pinball. In my village, enyone wants to have at least one.
7 years ago
For me is one of the top ten.
7 years ago
Best oldtimer. Must be in top 10.