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81 days ago
I absolutely hate the theme, but wow what an amazing game to play. Shots shots shots. Incredible.
5 months ago
I just do not mesh with this theme at all. Shot ok though.
5 months ago
Got the gc at on location my third game. Still don't love it. Liked it though.
6 months ago
Even the pro felt a bit cramped, but I did enjoy it. Not a fan of the show though.
6 months ago
Playing the pro was pretty satisfying. Would love to get some more time on it.
6 months ago
I really wanted to hate this empty looking game, but instead, I really enjoyed it.
1 year ago
Fairly simple rules, but a lot of fun to play. Easy for friends and family to pick-up on and enjoy. Shots are fair with nothing being overly brutal in my opinion.
1 year ago
CP was a lot more fun for me IRL than it was on a virtual pin (which is the only way I had experienced it before yesterday), so it was a pleasant surprise. A lot of good, fun shots and even though I was super familiar with the rules, I was able to make progress and enjoy the game without feeling like too much of a noob. Very fun game.
1 year ago
I was surprised how much I enjoyed Party Zone. I think I would have enjoyed it more if there was a little more going on in the middle of the playfield. I felt like the game didn't give me any real reasons to bother with shooting the middle. Otherwise though, I kind of liked it. It was indeed fun.
1 year ago
This might be my next game to buy. So much fun!
1 year ago
Really love MB. Unfortunately, the one that I played had a bad case of SDTM from the scoop, so it wasn't quite as fun as it should have been.
2 years ago
Enjoyed this more than I wanted to. Good shooter. Wouldn't mind playing this privately so I could really hear and experience it. I'm no jp fan really, only ever watched 1 film, but this is my second favorite modern pin (to Wonka, which I own). I may pick up a used jp2 someday.
2 years ago
Don't love the theme to start. Very dark. The one I played on location may have had a bad upper left flipper problem, definitely had a shitty right flipper button.. Probably location fault. I really wanted to like this, but I hated this game....a lot.
2 years ago
I really wanted to like this more. Good lighting, kinda fun, bit I didn't love it it get it after 5 be or 6 plays on location. May be better in a quiet home setting. At this point, glad I didn't buy it. Maybe at 5k someday.
2 years ago
Game plays super fast. Other parts may grow on me. I loved the speed.