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7 years ago
I picked up this game earlier this week. It's fun, fast, presents a challenge but not overly hard for a beginner. Great flow!
7 years ago
Although not the funnest game I've played I love the theme and artwork on this machine. I thought this one was well thought of with the 50's theme it has. I really like the film reel ramp on this one.

Back then, I said I would like to pick up if the price was right. I met a local collector who had this machine and I was having some real issues when deciding whether to pick this up or the Cirqus Voltaire machine. A few months later, he found another CFTBL and I quickly snagged it to go next to my CV.
7 years ago
This was the first pin I owned, I was debating on this or a Dr. Who machine. In the end I decided to go big as it was my favorite growing up and I have good memories of this machine sitting in the arcade near the home. If I didn't come across my Cirqus Voltaire machine for sale locally this would still be in my collection as everybody who came over to play it had a memory of it or fell in love with it right away.
7 years ago
This will be my next pin to own. This is one of my top five pins and one I've been keeping an eye out for. Now only if they didn't dissapear in an hour or so everytime a good deal is posted.
7 years ago
This is a good game, but I would not call it the best pin ever. It's flashy, has an awesome theme, music is good, I would like to own one but I'm not really getting the hype on it.
7 years ago
I remember this machine at the Dairy Queen ever so slightly when I was growing up, and it it still there and rotting as it has been for the past 7 years in a locked up gameroom. I tried to call the owner of the gameroom to see if he might sell, a no go.

I did manage to find this machine with a collector who was willing to let go of it and picked it up! NEVER thought this would be one I would own, and it makes an excellent addition to the gameroom in progress. This is a sample machine in collectors quality, perhaps in the top 5% on quality. Playfield is excellent, backglass has about 3 minor scuffs, cabinet is excellent with perhaps 5 minor imperfections that take time to find. Wife fell in love with it and I have some good memories of the ringmaster from back then, as do my parents and their well used quarters from back then.