It all started with The Black Knight

It all started with The Black Knight

By Creaturekiller

October 08, 2008

10 years ago

It all started when I was a teenager working at a pizza joint (no kidding). They had only 1 pinball game. It was the Black Knight. I will never that eerie computer generated voice the machine talked in. It was awesome, because the boss let us play for free after hours. Let me tell you I took full advantage. I haven't found my BK yet, but one day I will get one. My buddy got me back into them last year and I already own three and am trading and spending hours on the net looking for my next game and numerous parts and mods. That seems to be half the fun. I am pretty enamored with the digital display models a few years newer. So that's currently where I'm at on my pinball quest.


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9 years ago
Good luck on your Black Knight quest,
BK has power I tell you- I owned its brother BK2000 for about 9 years
made the winters go by quick- peace

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