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9 years ago
Played a LOTR for the first time today, (I know, I've been in a Gollum cave or something for not having played it)

Really impressed with the floating ball and bashing the Balrog. Now I know what all the fuss is all about, when I can finally afford a high end pin, I think this is the one I will try to get.
9 years ago
A classic that deserves a place in any Bally collection, mancave or honky tonk bar.
Sadly not seen too often these days in the latter.
9 years ago
One of the best rulesets ever for a classic Bally, speech and inline drops make this a classic of pinball history, these go for more than the typical Bally of the era because its a player's machine.
9 years ago
A fun old EM game that is easily "flipped" I got 141,000 on it the other day.
Sold to a collector in Ohio on Ebay for $362. (12/24/11)
9 years ago
I really like this one, a Solid State with chimes, very pleasing, and hope to have it sitting next to my Meteor if I can somehow convince the dude to sell it to me at a reasonable price, we shall see!
9 years ago
A classic that I proudly own. The Youtube Suzanne Ciani video from OMNI showing how it was created is a must-see. Way ahead of its time, and a satisfying multiball. Sure, you can criticize some aspects, but quite unfair to do so considering the state of computers at that time.
9 years ago
A rare prize that I hope to have ready to display at Pin-A-Go-Go 2012.
Add-a ball version of Klondike. Shipped from the east coast at great expense.
9 years ago
I brought this one back from the dead and really love it. What a thrill. I will not be selling this one, its like an old pair of blue jeans, just a satisfying and comfortable flight..
9 years ago
I own one, love it and don't wish to sell it. A solid, reliable game thats built to stand the test of time, and it can get pretty fast, too! Way ahead of its time, if you like drop targets you will love.