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9 months ago
I played it twice in our local arcade. The first play was a look see try out. The 2nd time was a waste of my money. Just can't get into this one.
10 months ago
A friend just got a Deadpool Pro and invited me over to try it out.

I want one.

1) It is fast.

2) It is fast.

3) it is fast.

4) there are some nice shots here.

5) Ball time is decent, but it is a short ball time machine.

6) Rules don't seem to be too complicated.

It is a nice playing pin.

I want one.
1 year ago
With four flippers and sort of a split play field this pin is a little hard to describe. There are ways to move the ball from one side to the other side; This is a skill you need to master. There are targets you need to hit that will be on the side of the play field your are not on.

There are not many of these around. I was fortunate to get to play one.

I will like to own one.
2 years ago
An understated masterpiece, IMO. It is not a drain monster. It has what I like: Fast, flipper friendly shots that are mine to lose. It is the kind of pin I like to meet in an arcade. Drop a coin and you get to play for awhile.

People talk about the bell. I like that bell. When I hit the right shot I am rewarded with that bell ringing. Nothing fancy. Just a ring to let know I am doing something right.

I hate under powered flippers. You know those flippers that are so weak that you start hitting the flipper button harder and making extra effort for yourself. Not this pin. Just stand there and effortlessly push the flipper button and those super 50 volt flipper coils kick in and the ball launches in a blur, ricochets off something up top and comes back to the flipper so fast that you hit it by feel.

This is my kind of pinball.

I bought this pin to fix up and sell. But I just got it running a couple of days ago and all I have been doing is playing Laser Cue. It has been a pleasant pinball surprise. I may keep it.
2 years ago
I recently had the opportunity to play Dialed In on location. I always passed it by at TPF, usually because I did not want to stand in line for a pin that I had no budget for and was not planning on buying.

My first game let me play for a little bit and did not drain the ball as soon as it left the shooter lane. So, I put in more coin for another round and had a better game. So, I put in more coin and had another enjoyable game. Then I went over to TNA and played a couple of games. And then back to DI one more time.

I like it. If I ever win the lottery I would consider owning one.

It is a fair game for a rookie. I like the back glass. Sine it was on location the sounds was turned down and it was sandwiched between the other pin I cannot make opinions on the other aspects of the game.

It is a nice pin to play.
2 years ago
I'm biased. I absolutely love this pin called Big Game. It is fast !! If you don't like wide bodies because you think they are too slow, give Big Game a try when ever you get a chance.

The outlanes are tough but not to the point that you would want to walk away from the pin. Good nudging skills can help with the outlanes. If you like a pinball machine where the ball comes to you and offers good flipper action, give Big Game a try. Other than the saucer at the top that traps the ball for 2-3 seconds, the ball is always in motion.

The only time the ball is stopped is if you have trapped it with one of the four flippers. With the four flippers you need to modify your flipper techniques. Post passes are possible but difficult. Flipper passes can be made by bouncing the ball from the lower flipper to the lower side of the upper flipper which ricochets over to the lower flipper on the opposite side.

My girl friend asked me several months ago that if I could only keep one pinball machine which one would it be. Big Game is my keeper. It is like the engineers asked my my likes and dislikes and built a pin to my specs and desires.

The rules are simple but not easy to achieve.
2 years ago
I got to play a nice example several times. I tried to like it but it is just not for me. It works only if it is the only pin on the floor. Some of the Bally sound sets of that era are OK. I don't care for the sounds on this pin at all.
3 years ago
An absolutely beautiful pinball back glass and play field to look at. There were two at TPF 2017. One played better than the other. It is a pin that I would drop money into at an arcade but it is not one I would want to own; I think I would get bored with it in short order.

But man, is it pretty !!
3 years ago
I tried this title at TPF two years ago. It did nothing for me and I lasted about two minutes. It is a nest looking machine and the way Gottlieb set it up was well thought out. But the game play just did not work for me.
3 years ago
Seriously, what is there not to like about Robocop? The sounds are there. The art package is there. The play action is definitely there. There is nothing about this pin that I don't like.

It plays extremely fast with lots of good flipper friendly shots. The sounds can become hypnotic. If you like battling out with the flippers, it you like a pin where the ball comes to you, you will like Robocop.

I just bought one. It will be in my house for long time.

Why is a machine of this caliber languishing at #200 on the top 100 list?
3 years ago
If you want to improve your flipper skills stand behind this pin for a few games. S and S is a pin with an open play field and a simple ruleset. I set mine up steep and playing fast. Simple play and very entertaining. The points don't come easy, though.

S and S has some tough out lanes but it gives you many flipper friendly shots to work with. With exception of the saucer kick out holding the ball for a couple of seconds, the ball is always in motion.

I would not want it to be my only pinball machine, but I get lost to time when I am playing it. It is quite entertaining and fun to play.
3 years ago
This is a tough pin to play; It is so incredibly fast. Low final scores are normal and you will earn every point. I like fast pinball and Dragonfist does not disappoint me.

This is not a game I would want to feed quarters into at an arcade because it would clean my pockets out. But in my home setting, with free play, it is fun to try and beat this pin. Playing Dragonfist has helped me improve my flipper skills which has helped me get better at playing my other pins.
3 years ago
I got a chance to play this at Cactus Jack's in Oklahoma City. It was/is a NIB pin CJ's found somewhere. It cost a quarter for a 5 ball game.

I watched the PAPA video where they are making fun in the machine sounds and the little dragon drops on the play field. I have a different take on it. I thought it was a blast to play and spent more time on Dragon then I did on some of the later DMDs CJ's has.

Maybe the scoring is unbalanced; I was not paying attention to that. I was busy just trying to keep the ball on the table.

A very fun pin to play.
3 years ago
It is a looker with the two Playboy Bunnies and all of the pink.

I had mine set up steep and it played OK. But there is not really much to do. One drop target assembly with five targets that is hard to access to make a hit. And five standup targets to shoot for. And an Extra Ball shot.

I enjoyed mine while I had it. Sold it. And I don't miss it. But it sure was pretty.
3 years ago
I have waited a long time to comment on this pin. It has a beautiful play field and an OK back glass, but that is about it.

We have a Lightning in a local arcade. It is fairly well maintained; I've seen better but it is OK. I cannot get into the double level play field and loathe small flippers. There is not really much to do on this pin except to try and get the ball up to the upper level and keep it there and that is almost impossible to do with the small upper flippers.

I love my other classic Sterns absolutely, but Lighting does not do it for me. If I were to ever to get a chance to buy one cheap I would only buy it as a source of parts for my other Sterns.
3 years ago
The more I play this pin the better I like it. I feel fortunate to have found one to buy. I read the reviews of others and you will either like the back box bagatelle function, or you won't. All I can say is the more you play and the better you get, the bagatelle gets easier to play. Although the bagatelle is mostly luck there is a little bit of strategy and some minor flipper skills that come in to play so I will call the bagatelle part of the game semi-skilled. Since the bagatelle is a little bit more than just chance, I'm OK with it and look forward to the play between balls.

Now, the rest of the game: Do yourself a favor and loosen up your tilt bob; This game just demands to be nudged during play. Matter of fact, if you don't nudge, the greedy outlanes will eat you alive. But if you turn on your nudging skills you are going to get some wild, fast ball action. Your ball times might be short but they will be fast. And then when you get in synch that killer ball that lights up the whole table you will know what pinball fun is all about.

You have four sets of drop targets with three targets in each drop. A, B, C, and D. That is the game. Simple rules. Light up each drop in order A-B-C-D and now the outlanes light up with Extra Ball. Hit the outlane and get an Extra Ball. You gat get two extra balls. The accumulate. Take down the drops a second time and the outlanes will give you a shot for another extra ball.

Multi-ball: There is a 3-ball multi-ball possibility after you have locked two balls. Multi-ball is intense and usually drains fairly quick but if you can keep it going it is quite fun.

If you like fast playing pinball machines, Catacomb is a fun pin to play. If you get a chance to play one, give yourself a couple of hours to learn the bagatelle. The table action is good enough that I think if you learn the bagatelle you will have a very good time.

3 years later: I have raised some of my ratings scores. I have had 3 years with Catacomb. I'm still no wizard but I am getting better; To the points that I regularly rack up some good scores. If you crave fast, Catacomb delivers.

Some have issues with the Bagatelle function. Don't worry about it. Just shoot your way through the Bagatelle and get back to the play field. Work with keeping the ball going. The better you get, the better you get. Eventually, the Bagatelle will fall into place, but until it does, keep the ball active. Ignore your score. Just play.

Multi-ball sessions are extremely short ball times; Managing to keep all 3 balls on the play field for a few seconds is an adrenaline rush.

Catacomb will probably be the last pin I sell, when that time comes.
4 years ago
After two months of on-again off-again working on the Seawitch I bought I finally got it all set up and running. Hot Damn !! It is a fast game; It does what I bought to do. The only time the ball is not in motion is if you trap the ball with a flipper. The rest of the time is 4-flipper non-stop action.

The ruleset is not deep. You have 11 drop targets that you need to keep pounding. You have an outer orbit and you have an inner orbit.

I love the sound set.

Seawitch is not a Drain-o-matic. The outlines are friendly and you get lots of fast flipper action. But there are 3 or 4 ways it will get you SDTM.

If you grew up in the 60s and remember those old pins where you might get lucky and 15 seconds of flipper action before it was Game Over, you should give Seawitch a try if you ever have the opportunity.

EDIT: After a year of owning and playing this game for hundreds of games I am still jazzed by Seawitch action. I think of this as a pin that I would keep feeding coins to in an arcade because it gives me some fair action for my money. You have to target your shots but you don't have to be Dead Eye Dick to have a good time.

It is casual game for a casual, average, so-so player. Even with my mediocre playing skills a high percentage of the balls lost are due to my mistakes as opposed to Seawitch making cheap drains.

At TPF this year, my nephew and I played quite a few different pins. Seawitch was there. After we left, nephew said he liked playing Seawitch better than any other pin that was there. It is just a fast fun playing pin.