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6 years ago
I've enjoyed this much more than any of the new Sterns I've played. Despite the video screen and the crazy amount of gimmicks it feels like an evolution of the great 90s tables and really made an effort to add unique elements to pinball such as the outlane ball save modes.
6 years ago
I wasn't very impressed with this table. I like Metallica, but I just couldn't get into it.
6 years ago
Basic cocktail pinball machine. It's not technically EM, but it's on par with most EMs in terms of fun. I enjoy playing it, and it's an elegant piece of furniture.
6 years ago
Not a Mel Gibson fan, but this is a lot of fun. The brown cabinet is kind of dull. I really enjoy the poker/western theme, though. Very challenging and should take a long time to master.
6 years ago
I love the sounds and most of the art. April has some unnecessary cleavage like most older machines. The game play is pretty shallow, but I like the sewer. I got bored with it pretty quickly.
6 years ago
This game has been much more enjoyable than I expected. The theme has really held this table back. It might gain in popularity now that its presence can be seen as ironic as opposed to how serious it tried to take itself in the 90s.
6 years ago
Incredibly unique machine. The more I play it the more I realize how different it plays than most machines of its era.
6 years ago
Didn't expect this theme to grab me the way it did. An amazing machine.
6 years ago
I've been in love with this machine for 20 years. I still sometimes get excited when I start multiball. "NOW YOU'VE DONE IT"