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corvair61 has written 20 rating comments:

6 months ago
Had a chance to pick up a NIB LE recently and am pleasantly surprised with it. It has a flow and feel that I haven't seen in a game in a long time. The shots are satisfying and the overall package is pretty killer. Highly recommend finding one!
7 months ago
Don’t let others fool you. This game is fast, furious and fun. The sound and art package is amazing, the early rules are enough to give you the “just one more game” bug. Can’t wait for the code updates. This was my first NIB LE and admittedly was nervous, but I am very happy with it.
9 months ago
This is truly a masterpiece. After about 80 games I was concerned about the “just one more game” factor, but it has me there every time. My only concerns are with the bowling alley and the LCD. The bowling mode is very cool although.. it is hard to see without leaning down very low. Not a huge deal but slightly annoying when entering that mode. The screen was my next issue... thinking it has more to with the software then the actual LCD itself.. but it’s def not a deal breaker. This game is wildly cool and the theme integration is brilliant. I could only imagine what DP would think of next if they can get their business model under control. Go get one!!
1 year ago
This game gets the most attention when people are over. The shaker motor is a lot of fun. This game is challenging enough that it keeps me coming back for more. Would love to find a CQ example of this one for sure.
1 year ago
A piece of art. Very fun with high replay factor.
2 years ago
This is my go to pin after playing my sterns. Reminds me why I love the classics. Great shots, flow and the theme is the cherry on top.
7 years ago
Love everything about this pin except for the video mode and callouts. Its fast, addictive and keeps me coming back for just one more game. Midnight Multiball is a nice easter egg on this one and Power down is a blast. Now about that cabinet fade..... :/
7 years ago
Great flow, shots and speed. Love the sound package. Not a fan of Amy, but easily overlooked. Lower playfield gets repetitive but overall this game is super fast with satisfying shots all over. Midnight Madness mutiball is a blast.
7 years ago
Just average for me. The table I played needed some serious work but Ive played this one on Pinball Arcade. It just doesn't do it for me. Toys seem cheap, shots seem repetitive. Still wonder why this game fetches the coin it does. Still love Jpop's pins regardless.... Long live Jpop!
7 years ago
Finally had the chance to own one. Probably the most fun Ive had since I played it last in 1993. I MUST find a cleaner example of this table. Its a keeper for sure. It sucks you in and doesn't let go!
7 years ago
Something about this pin... Just can't quite put my finger on why I am not a fan. I will say it feels more solid than some of Sterns newer pins. Had a nice HUO RBION a year or so ago and played the crap out of it.. Got tiring pretty quick. My GF loves it though. Probably wouldn't put it back in my lineup anytime soon
7 years ago
Id be beating a dead horse if I repeated what everyone else says about this table. Looks pretty, sounds cool.... yadda yadda.
7 years ago
Played this for the first time at the Ohio Expo yesterday. Slightly confusing but fun once I got the hang of it. The lower playfield was hard too see (cloudy) and seems useless to the game but overall I was impressed. Different band and it would be mine!
7 years ago
Very underrated game IMO. Its beautiful, plays fast and the ramps are not that easy to master (Acrobat ramp). The art and sound are truly unique and Jpop has nailed this one for sure. Can't wait to see his next pin. Still breaking mine in with about 20-30 plays so far. Ill edit my review after 100 plays or so. Im afraid the replay may not be there after beating the Ringmaster. We will see!
7 years ago
Highly underrated pin. Loved it as soon as I got it.. Played it for 2 weeks straight and loved it more. Low production seems to help this pin fetch a higher premium even with its lackluster reviews at times. Id gladly drop a few bucks on this one at any location. The rules are fun, the boxers personalities are even funnier. Maybe a software fix for the jump rope or a few additional boxers would help mix it up. Overall a fun pin.
7 years ago
Love the flow, gameplay and rules.. Whats killing me is the theme. I think I could get past it in a 7-10 game lineup. This one seems to be growing on people more lately.
7 years ago
Owned this one for a while and it was probably the nicest JD i have played. Never cared either way about the deadworld mod or liked the repetitive BG music guitar riff, but everything else was solid. Gameplay and depth was right on, artwork is top notch... Would def consider putting another one of these in my future lineup.
7 years ago
Can't go wrong with this theme. The music and sound are great. Shots are well played. Have yet to play a tight version of it with a functioning hologram. This is Def a pin on my wishlist.
7 years ago
Longevity.. Period. One of Sterns best!
7 years ago
I literally played this over and over one day for around 4 hours straight. It's got that "just one more game" bug about it. Im a fan.