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4 years ago
I would imagine that any follow-on machine would have challenges, notwithstanding the follow-on to an amazing machine like High Speed. Williams has done this before (Hurricane, for example) where they take an original layout and then jam in more features. In the case of Getaway, it's a fun update, but original High Speed lovers might find it overworked (people who have never played High Speed might enjoy it a great deal). The supercharger is neat, and the gear shifter is an additional gimmick that causes a player to let go of a flipper to pull it off. Also, the changing of the kickback relighting and scoring of traffic lights has been updated over the High Speed rules, which will initially confuse old High Speed players.
4 years ago
This game embodies the designer, Steve Ritchie's, drive for flow. There are three major flow shots, or possible more in combination, where a player can work to get their timing down - and these are at full ball speed when done correctly. Added to that the simple objective of locking three balls and then putting them to work in multiball, this game keeps the play consistent and fun.