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1 year ago
Really cant comprehend the negative comments on this game. It is a true masterpeice in all aspects that actually matter with the only let down being some of the animations & personality.

But once you get it, it bites hard. It's a piece of genius and absolutely Elwins best.
1 year ago
Honestly, hard to fault this game.
2 years ago
Honestly dont get the hype. I thought I was very generous in my ratings and for the life of me I can not understand how you can get above 8/10 let alone 4th best game OF ALL TIME!!!!

(Owned a premium for the record)
3 years ago
Wow - the hype is real. Long playing, but that doesn't matter because it's so freakin' fun to play. Every aspect of this game is outstanding. And I don't even like Iron Maiden.
3 years ago
I gave the game 10/10 because I own it. But really it sucks. Will re-visit my rating when I sell it and actually be honest.
5 years ago
Great underrated game with really good flow. Relatively simple fan layout. Quality wise, these older Sega games havent aged as well as Bally/Williams games of the same era, so needs to be tweaked to be a good player. If you want to know how your new Stern will look and feel in 20 years, this is it.
6 years ago
Surprised at how good this game is. Super fast, yet deep enough to keep you coming back. IMO its got something that ST lacks despite a similar layout.
7 years ago
Fun game with some good shot. Typical Pat Lawlor - if you like Adams / TZ etc, you'll love this also.
7 years ago
Deserves its reputation. Fun and challenging.
7 years ago
As a lot of people have said, this game is seriously under-rated. Typical Pat Lawlor with so much going on its hard to know where to start. And great depth. One of his best IMO.
7 years ago
This game is tough and unforgiving - but is so satisfying when you are making shots that you want to come back for more and more punishment. The BIBLE i am rating feels really solid and polished and the overall package is great.
7 years ago
When you first play it you're blown away by the quality and "feel". Easy game to get going but very difficult to have any idea whats going on. Lots of variety, but not allot of flow.
7 years ago
This game is pure fun. Not sure if you'd get sick of it if you owned it as it is quite a simple layout and ruleset, but it has satisfying shots and it flows. Call outs, theme and humour all add a lot to this game.
7 years ago
Great game play, fun shots, amazing art. Rules seem deep enough. Just fun to play. Agree with previous comment that callouts are a bit weak, but hopefully that will be corrected in future updates. I'm not a Metallica fan, but might be after playing this for long enough.
7 years ago
Great fun game when in good shape. Truly original. Not sure about the lastability, but only time will tell.
8 years ago
Love this game. Typical Lawler, but better flow than others Ive payed.
8 years ago
Love this so much more than TOTAN. It's a fantastic flowing game that feels really well balanced . And all the modes are really different.

It does get a little boring, but I always come back to it when I just want to play and not think too much about it.
8 years ago
I own this game, and whilst it is by far the nicest looking game I own, the gameplay just hasn't grabbed me. The tales are pretty much all the same . The software feels half finished. I really want to like it but it just doesn't grab me.
8 years ago
Great game. Can get a little repetitive once you've played it enough, but still keeps you coming back.
8 years ago
This game is so much fun. Makes everything else seem slow and dull. Im not a Trek fan but the flow, sounds, lights are the best I have played. I think other games rate higher because the theme grabs a larger audience (e.g. acdc/metallica), but IMO few games can match the playability of this game.
8 years ago
Fathom is a beautiful pin with amazing artwork. The theme is a little dark and definitely not mainstream. Some cool features which I imagine would have been new at the time - great multi ball modes and the reverse inlane/outlanes work really well. Some extremely satisfying shots. The sounds and speech callouts are very cool.

I have rated it against other games of the same era.