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37 days ago
It's a fun filled themed game. After all who doesn't like Jurassic Park? I feel the original movie was the best out of the series still after all these years. The game flows well. It has ramps, drop holes and a t-rex who eats your ball. Fun toy! The game is easy for beginners and good enough for advanced players to keep us all occupied. The only thing I don't care for is the shaker motor in it. But that could be changed out as it seems wonky and not as nice as some of the newer machines. I am playing one with Pinsound board installed and new speakers/sub. So the complaints on sound has been modified for the brtter from what I read, cant talk about the original sound. Overall it's a solid pin
48 days ago
This game as always been a great theme. The remake is just like the original. A great pinball with fun call outs and fun toys. The castle blowing up, trolls and all are make it such a fun and interactive game. It has stood the test of time and I believe will for many years to come. It plays well enough for amateurs to advanced players. The ruleset isn't very deep, but they don't need to be always.
71 days ago
This is a very neat pin. It is unique as it has multiple levels of playfield. A absolute ton of different things to hit and do. It is extremely fast play and can be a ball draining game. So it is more for advanced players. If you are a beginner, it will draw you in, but than its fast play will usually leave beginner pin players to put it to the sideline for something else. It has a huge ramp along the whole pin which is fun. It also is a very unique game as you start with multi-ball. It reminds me of nintendo mario kart when you start. It has the gate that drops when it goes, red, yellow and green. You than hit the bottom buttons and it gives you points based on how timed you hit it when it turns green. Than you can lock two balls in the drop targets so you can play with one ball after it starts. But you have to get them locked before they drain. Over a very fun, fast playing pinball.
71 days ago
This is a classic. At its time era, they were just starting to do speech. So it has pretty neat sounds and sounds kind of like defender with some of them. It has two different multi-balls which is fun. One is a two ball and one is a three ball. So you get the b-a-r targets and you unlock the drop target for the two ball. If you hit barracora(all the targets), you will than get three ball which you can use both drop targets to lock balls. It has enough fun shots to make even the most advanced players like this game. It doesn't have all the fancy ramps or anything though. So in todays age, it isn't nearly as advanced has that depth that some. So it has place in this world and its ranks show that. But its not something I would probably want as my only pinball machine. This is for someone that has several and looking for one that is different than todays modern pins.
71 days ago
This is a fun theme. I love the lights, the flashing from the siren. It does get repetitive with the ramp and running from the police. But it is hard enough for the beginner to moderate player to learn and grasp without draining balls. It has a special place in this world being based on a true story of the pinball designer getting pulled over at high speeds.
71 days ago
This is a game that has lasted the test of time and time again. It has a great theme. It is simple enough for amateurs and advanced enough to keep even the advanced players happy. The castle drawbridge and it blows up which is a great touch and keeps you coming back for more. It also has the fun trolls that pop out of the playfield which is fun when you get them. Usually its from the merlin drop target that brings multiple things such as the trolls, multi-ball etc. I honestly don't think there is a better themed pinball that plays to everyone than this machine.
83 days ago
I have played this atleast fifty times now. I acquired it not too long ago. But I don't think this this machine will be going anywhere as it's probably in its forever home. It has a great theme. The layout is good. It has simple enough shots and strategic shots to make it great for beginner to advanced players. It also has the bonus fan that blows on you and spinners on the playfield which makes it interesting as well. So all in all a well put together machine.
3 months ago
This is a fun filled game. The rule set is very easy. But not every pinball has to have a deep ruleset. Lots of toys and fun to be had.