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Concretehardt has written 4 rating comments:

7 months ago
Totally loving this game!

The shots:
I was worried as heard people talking about the difficulty of some of the shots On this game. This is potentially a big problem for me as not being able to hit shots consistently is one of my biggest frustrations when I play pinball.
I start my first game and immediately loop the ball twice as it comes around the upper flipper (I was like wow did I just do that) then I proceeded to hit the left and right ramps easily, the only shot that I found difficult was the garage shot from the upper flipper, I was able to make it, but it is a tough shot! My understanding is that it was designed that way. There is something about the layout/geometry of the shots on this game that feels very well laid out to me. The shots are challenging but make able and there are tons of different shots to make. A+ on the playfield layout, again you can tell when you play this game how much thought went into the shot layout.

The light show:
What can I say, it is mind blowing! No exaggeration it is the best light show hands down I have ever seen on a game! (I have owned DI & WOZ ect) I was totally blown away by it, so much so that I sat and watched the game in attract mode for a half hour last night.

The artwork:
I love it, so much detail! The cabinet back box and back glass are beautiful and perfectly fit the theme and art for R&M. The playfield art is so cool I kept finding new Details on it. The purple armor
And coin door look amazing, there is a sparkle in the purple, pictures can not do it Justice!

The game may look a little sparse compared to a game like dialed in when it comes to toys, but let me tell you, when you are Playing it you don’t think that all all! The game has so many shots and cool features.. like the slam ring (way cooler than I thought it would be!), Danesi lock, immortality field, portal shot to the garage with subway that kicks out to left out lane, Ricks ship etc.

This brings the whole game together the sound is amazing it’s like TNA on steroids! The sound and callouts are absolutely incredible. I want to say that the Factory sound system on this game is the best I’ve heard on any game ever, but since I had a powered Polk subwoofer just sitting there I went ahead and hooked it up and it is intense!

The code:
I love the fact that I am playing as Morty! I have to say that for being early code it is already very good with lots to see and do! I can’t imagine how great it will be by the end of the year! Video clips are awesome, custom call outs are great, modes are fun and objectives are well thought out! (profanity set at 95%) I love the direction this code is going in!

Build quality:
This game is solid! I am extremely impressed with the overall quality and feel of this game! When you play it the game has a really solid feel to it and the fit and finish is very good.
6 years ago
I owned it, I played it and I sold it... The game is stunningly beautiful!
My issues with WOZ are... Repetitive sound and music that grated my nerves, a lack of satisfying / fun shots, lack of GI lighting (fixable I know but is a poor design), a theme that just ended up not working for me & lastly concerns over all the board issues and what that will mean for game maintenance years down the road.
7 years ago
Challenging & fun
7 years ago
This is a beautiful game thats is just plain fun to play!