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9 years ago
DM is great if you love the 90's action flick. I grew up watching it and played this pin a TON in the arcades back in the 90s. I love the game, though the music can quickly get old. I think the quality overall of the machine is great, but the rules lack a bit of depth. People who want to bat the ball around like this machine. Getting to Demolition Time (mini wizard mode) is pretty easy by clearing out the claw awards.

Overall the game is nice if you have an established collection!
9 years ago
The Addams Family is a great pin. Its probably the most played in my collection. The theme suits everyone quite well and its something that many people remember watching (either the new movies or the TV shows).

The cabinet artwork is rather uninspiring, but that doesn't really matter much to me. The playfield artwork and backglass get a thumbs up from me all around! The dots on the game are very well done and the lamp shows are great. I think the multiball intro lamp show is probably one of the best in pinball.

The call outs (sounds) on this game really make it what it is. There is plenty of humor here even if you're not familiar with the license at all. Raul Julia did great on this machine with the sound samples.

"Thing" (the hand) and Thing Flips are the two main gimmicks of the machine and they really add a fun element to game play. Thing flips is an automated feature that will try to make a shot across the playfield for you using the upper left flipper at various points during the game. "Thing" (hand) is the primary locking mechanism in the game. Once you lock a ball by shooting the upper left metal ramp, when lock (or THING) is lit, the hand will reach out and pick up the ball and either drop it under the playfield or put it back at the upper right eject hole. Very cool engineering here, and way ahead of its time.

The lighting on this game could use some improvement as the back of the playfield tends to be dark, but this can be corrected with one of the many lighting addon kits.

"The Power" is a central magnetic force that whips the ball all around during pre-multiball and multiball modes (as well as Seance mode), it adds a fun (and frustrating) random element to the game.

Overall, I give TAF a big two thumbs up in terms of "fun" and lastability. The entire execution of the machine is very well done and it keeps players coming back to play again in my basement arcade.