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5 years ago
Being a vampire enthusiast, I feel a little biased on this one, but I love the game. The artwork package is very fitting for the theme, and what I would expect on a vampire EM from 1971. Many different colors, and captures the darkness but brings some light blues to lighten up the mood. I think the colors are very well done on this game, minus the green highlights in the cabinet.

The gameplay is challenging, and the monstrous outlanes above the slings can kill you on this one. The game does have some notable features from the time, including a kickback in the left outlane. The coin door is coffin like, and fits the game well. Overall a very fun table to play, just wish the chimes were better. Definitely not a game that you see often at all. Very glad to have one in my collection...and going to restore it fully.
6 years ago
I own an extremely nice and previously restored example of this game. I love the theme, and the artwork on this game is pretty attractive. It’s a fun game to play for newbies, especially, and good for the average player. The shots are not extremely difficult to make

The good: Diamond plated PF, great audio including the automatic flippers synced with the Addams finger snap, magnetized Thing hand that snatches the ball from the PF, a few ramps.

The bad: Horrible and inadequate illumination on the back of the PF without adding some yourself, cabinet artwork could have been a little more exciting, another ramp would have been great, bookcase is kind of bland and at times just seems to get in the way.

Modded out, the game is definitely way better, more attractive and more fun.
6 years ago
Play a TZ and it's easy to see why it's rated one of the best. Great theme, tons to do on the playfield, great audio and a beautiful pin overall. DMD has fantastic animation and modes. A difficult game to achieve the entire rule set, but I could play this pin for hours trying to accomplish all of the tasks.
6 years ago
Avengers is somewhat disappointing, given the production year and what was available. IMHO Stern kind of skimped out on the design of this game, concentrating more on the theme and artwork, as opposed to fun factor and playability. The PF seems empty (other than the Hulk edition, which still isn't great) and there just aren't that many shots to make. My Gottlieb Spider-Man Sys 80 keeps me more amused. I will say this game does have a very cool theme, great artwork and a fun-to-listen interactive audio package, but I don't buy pins to stare at them...I buy them to play them. It's a shame, because so much more could have been done with this pin, and the theme alone allowed for so much potential and creativity.
6 years ago
Overall BSD is a fun, yet difficult pin to master. Lightning fast, and the shortened flippers make it even more challenging. The only thing on this game I would have changed is the Ron Jeremy looking Drac that sits in the coffin (and making the Mist ball feature more reliable). It seems that is always getting caught or malfunctioning, particularly the receiving gates. I owned mine for a while, and have regretted selling it ever since I did. Morbid theme and display graphics, and the call outs are just plain spooky. Love it. I sincerely miss this game, and plan on getting another as soon as funds and space permit. Welcome to my home!!
6 years ago
Hokus is a very fun EM pin to play...I could hit the three spinners all day and crank those chimes. With powerful flipper coils, nailing the spinners almost gets ridiculous!! Fun magic-themed pin, great layout and simple rule set. BG art is excellent as well. I would definitely recommend picking one of these up if you come across it. One of the best Bally EM's.
6 years ago
CBW is a fun game, and works smooth if fine-tuned. I've played some in a "player's condition", and even they were fun. The display animations are a little bland compared to other games of that era, and there are a ton of shots to make on this pin, even though it seems you just have to push it up to the right or the left of the platform (ton of drop targets hidden up there). Even so, it is well-designed for the early 90's era in which it was released. The BG / translite artwork is OK, but more than fitting for the theme. Oddly enough, even though the cabinet is not riddled with artwork like some other pins, I really like the black cabinet and what artwork this game does have. Very clean looking.

That being said, the PF design on this game is fantastic, and the light show is great. The full-size cue and 8 ball definitely add a twist, constantly changing the direction of your ball that would otherwise customarily drop right down to the flippers or to a return lane. The call outs get a little redundant at times, but they are funny and instruct you on which shots need to be made. A simple rule set to this pin, and oddly enough, despite having a Batman Forever and BSD, people are drawn to this pin when they're over. Luckily my game is cherry condition, which definitely helps the lure of it. If you can find one, I would definitely give it a whirl to see what you think. It's a great, family-friendly themed pin to have in your collection, and one that newbies can enjoy, as well as experienced players.