Bally Star Trek

By collieguy653221

May 20, 2021

30 days ago

 Hi again,

I have been working on my Bally Star Trek. Lots of info in so far so thanks eveyone. Here is where I'm at. When I first turn the game on. The playfield and head lights turn on, I get 7 flashes from the led on the MPU baord. The sound sequence cycles thru. I can start the game, The ball raises to the playfield, the roll overs work, drop targets work, sounds work, flippers work. Then nothing, the digital displays do not come on. If I repeat the above it does the same thing, The third attemp less and less comes on. On the Solenoid Board, the large blue capacitor has a nasty white blob leaking out of it so I know that is bad. I did have a friend with electronic skills test values with a volt meter on the boards. All came back with in the proper ranges. (thank you I received this info from a earlier posting), I'm a em guy and solid state to me is a skill I lack. So I do not know a fair price to have the boards checked and repaired. So any more ideas for me would be appreciated. Oh and yes the original battery cell is still in place, that needs to be replaced and moved off the board, Thanks for that tip. Steve

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