1968 Bally Dixieland

By collieguy653221

April 23, 2021

21 days ago

New to Pinside. But in a short time I have received more information on my games then I found in the last 20 years. Thanks everyone. I'm pulling out my machines from storage and getting back into the hobby. The latest is a 1968 Bally Dixieland. I found it in the back corner of a vendor/operator. It needed to be saved. I opened it up today and took some photos. Unfortunately it had turned into a mouse hotel. Notice the nest. But I did not see any wiring damaged. It is missing some parts, but has a decent backglass and other then one badly burned and hanging out coil, looks like a great machine to restore. After looking up this game on Pinside, there are some amazing experts on refurbishing this game. I hope I can ask some questions on getting this game playing again. Steve

Story photos

dixieland4 (resized).JPG
dixieland44 (resized).JPG
dixieland9 (resized).JPG
dixieland1 (resized).JPG


1 day ago

Dixieland was my first pinball purchase, so I may be partial when I say what good game it is. Have fun bringing it back to life and playing it!

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