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5 months ago
Game is great. Shots can be tough to find at first being a wide body, but once you find them, it flows really well. The newest code has really made the game even better with the callouts and video and the match sequence. The tracker mod is also a must have as it looks like it was meant to be there all along. Theme integration is top notch as well.
1 year ago
Fun game to shoot. Needs to be setup and level just right to get smooth shots, but once dialed in, it is nice and smooth. I really like the theme, and not sure why some bash on the art, I think it looks great! The rules are very easy to understand, but still challenging and adds variety with all of the different battle modes. I think Riot and AP knocked it out of the park with this one.
3 years ago
The game is a ton of fun. My son, who isn’t all that interested in pinball, loves playing this one with me on co-op. The variation between turtles (pros/cons) gives a little bit of variation in how you play. Artwork is as expected with Zombie Yeti (phenomenal). Shoots fast and keeps you on your toes, but can be difficult and frustrating. You have to slow down on this one or it will eat your lunch. Layout and design are familiar, yet feel completely different. I’m happy with the upgrades on the premium and think they added enough to make it feel worth the extra over the pro. The Krang toy, physical ball lock in the van, and the glider are all really nice to have. I do wish the animations were a bit more...animated(?) I guess? The music could really use some work as well... I really like this one though. It really does have that "one more game" feeling.
4 years ago
Really wanted to like this one. Grew up on re-runs with my great grandmother. Had the nostalgia, the art, what I thought was a great theme, but fell short. Lower playfield was more chore than fun, and a rule set that just loses its appeal. It’s not as terrible as some say, just not something that has the last-ability. Would have liked to have seen what Lyman could do with code and rules.
4 years ago
Jurassic Park wasn’t a theme I was interested in until I saw what KE did with the layout and rules. The animations are top notch, and the way they used the theme for more of a canon storyline vs movie storyline worked really well. The voice acting is the only negative. Game is fun, deep, and keeps you on your toes.
4 years ago
My wife literally wants to play WOZ every day. This and Dialed In are her two go-to games now. The toys and features are very attractive to non-players and players alike. The shots aren't typical to most pins, just very straightforward (if that's the best way to describe it?). The features of saving a lost ball with TOTO escape and TNPLH are a nice touch and the rules are extremely deep when you start to put it all together. I highly recommend this game for the wife and kids, but I occasionally enjoy it as well. Nevertheless, an impressive title from JJP, especially considering it was their first machine.
5 years ago
This has become my favorite pin. The code is phenomenal and still has ongoing updates. Lyman is crushing the code! The theme integration puts it over the top. I’ve been wanting one for awhile after the code updates started rolling in. If you haven’t played one in the last 6 months, play it again, you’ll be glad you did.
5 years ago
Game is fun, It can be difficult to complete some modes, but also easy enough for beginners to shoot around and get a Groot Multiball. The sounds are pretty bad, but made excellent with cleland’s mod. The code has come a long way since release and I really suggest you play it again if you haven’t given it second thought since release. I still am not a fan of the plastic ramps though. Not sure why I let it bother me so much, but it does. Still a great game and has some really fun modes.
5 years ago
Fun game with nice flow. I actually like the theme, it makes the game interesting and the animations are fitting for the original theme. Modes are great and can be extremely challenging. Only thing I am not a fan of is the feel of the flippers. Just something about jjp flippers feels “off” to me. Still a great game and only moved on due to space. I have a feeling it will rotate back in because I really do like this one. Don’t let theme hold you back, it’s a great game.
5 years ago
Great game that I regret moving on from. The layout is interesting and fresh, the 4 flippers are a great addition, and ripping the spinners. Can be frustrating, but that “one more game” appeal. Now own a premium, but the pro is a great game as well. I love the artwork on the cabinet and the Playfield, Zombie Yeti just keeps killing it! Became a Maiden fan from owning this. I really like the call outs and the animations as well.
5 years ago
Not a fan of the theme, but the depth of code, layout, and design are flawless. Plundering brings a whole new dynamic when playing with multiple people. I had no interest in the game until I played it. Literally had to have it and picked it up immediately! I’m almost 2 months in and loving this game more and more. Can’t wait to see what the next code update brings!
5 years ago
Really loving this game. Setup is key to make shots smooth. The theme and Zombie Yeti artwork are fantastic! The sounds, lights, features are all great. The code last code update really made a difference. I really dig the animation style and the call outs are really good and fitting for the comic version of Deadpool. Once you get the right setup, the katana shot is great!

Update: Still love this game. Looks like it may be a keeper and bolted to the floor. I was worried that I would eventually get tired of it, but it just continues to improve and still has that "one more game" appeal.

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