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2 years ago
Near perfect- the game has great art, great shots, and challenging goals.
2 years ago
It's a great, fast shooting game with challenging objectives.
2 years ago
I love the music and the call outs, but the game is brutal- hungry outlanes, one of which is obscured by the cannon, and the bell tends to roll the ball down the middle. Sure, I will still play it, but it is punishing.
2 years ago
Great layout and rules- similar layout to Metallica and rules to Aerosmith.
2 years ago
The animations and call outs are hilarious, but the modes have similar rules and the layout is pretty basic. It's neat, but gets old.
2 years ago
Fairly simple rules compared to other recent Sterns, but a nice layout with some really fun shots.
2 years ago
I'm so torn on this game. The shots are pretty satisfying, but the rules are repetitive. The ball spends too much time in the pops and the magna-slings and Scoleri Bros are mostly annoying. But, both ramps feel so good when you can make them. Positively, I can say that the art is fantastic- it's a pretty machine. The choice of call-outs and mission modes from the movie shows excellent theme integration.
2 years ago
Fast shooting, but no super-satisfying shots, and deep rules that are overwhelming at first. It's nothing too innovative, but is fun.
2 years ago
The machine looks awesome, and the call-outs and animations are great, but the unique layout makes for a lot of frustrating shots.
2 years ago
The shots are tight, but unique. It make for a kind of slow game, which kind of works with the deep ruleset- it gives me time to think. The lighting and the ball launch into the trunk are pretty cool, as are the modes like the reverse-flipper straight jacket mode.
2 years ago
This is close to a perfect game- the shots feel so good, the easy to reach multi-balls keep the action going fast, and the music is perfectly integrated to the modes.