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1 year ago
This is one game I looked for for quite a while. Game is good but wish it had more to it. In my opinion it's a good shooter but can get repetitive over many games. Good scoring other than the million shot being a random occurrence. Once you get the option for the million shot it's very rewarding to finally hit the shot. When comet was produced this was a state of the art pinball machine, just wish there was a little more to do. Good game though.
1 year ago
I have had this game for a while and love it. Gameplay can be a bit tuff but when you have a good game it can be really enjoyable. Being built in 1993 I wish they would have included more to do on the playfield but it understandable. Great call outs during game play. Theme is great and the shots blend into the theme great. One of the best parts of the game is stacking all three multiball and hearing the 30 million call out. All this will be started when mist multiball go into play. Great game. A must play if you can.
1 year ago
Bought this as my first em machine. Game play is great. Love the chimes and hitting the spinner. I really like not being able to hold a ball at the flippers. This helps keep the ball in play which helps the em out constantly. Fun game play for a em machine which gives me a break from the solid state and wpc machine I have.
1 year ago
I really like this game. Very simple gameplay that most can understand. Getting the million shot is rewarding and keeps you come back. Pretty repetitive game play with limited call outs that get pretty annoying after awhile. Game is fun to play and I enjoy playing it .
1 year ago
Purchased this game when a local had one for sale near me. First off the game can be extremely brutal and drains often. Game plays super fast and you can loose control of the ball before you know it. The upper playfield is pretty open. Which there was more to shoot for. The lower playfield is great and allows you to lock a ball for multiball. It suck when you drain in the lower playfield and you don't have the re entry lit. Loose a ball in the lower then it drains in the upper in this case. One thing I hate is when you have locked a ball in the upper playfield then drain your ball in play the locked ball gets kicked to the drain. Wish they would have only done this on you 2nd multiball and later.
Art work is great and the back glass is just amazing. Best backglass in my opinion in all of pinball. I really like this pin but being so brutal it tends to make me not play it. I'm not a very good player so I can assume that I will have a bad game every time. I couldn't imagine putting quarters in this game when it came out. After playing a few payed games I probably would have never played it again. Good game, just need to get over the hurdle of sucking on it
2 years ago
This by far my favorite game. I played the fool out of this game when it was released and even today while in my collection. The game has lot of flow and the call outs are top notch while pulling you into the game. I love how they simulate thing moving around the playfield by him picking the ball up with his hand and then thing using the flipper to shoot the swamp. My favorite mode is seance. They used the magnets and the knocker is this mode which sets it apart from any other machine in my opinion.
My only pick about this machine is i wish they would have spent more time with the back glass lighting. It would have been nice to incorporate the lights to be used with the modes. Other than that this is a great machine and by a long shot as my favorite
6 years ago
This game has really shown its charm since purchased. The theme of whirlwind is flowing through the whole machine. The playfield art, translight, cabinet, spinning disks and the fan topper really brings the experience together. The gameplay is really some of Williams best gameplay for the system 11 machines. The spinning disks really play a key part of the game changing ball reaction to keep each game fresh. The topper fan blowing on you during key parts of the game really brings the storm theme together nicely. All in all its a great game and wish I would have bought one sooner
7 years ago
Good SS pin that sound and acts like a EM game. Cool pool layout with nice shots to collect the 8 ball. This pin demads respect. Out lanes can be bruttle but with a little nudging can be worked in your favor. I really like this game. I wanted a EM pin but I didn't want the hassle of a EM. this is the best of the old and the new.
7 years ago
Finally found one after looking for one of these for a while. This pin keeps the casual player in mind with the need to hit the 16 drop targets located near the top of the playfield. You can complete all features by just hitting these drop targets. For major scoring options you can hit the freeze targets or shoot the ramps to freeze the feature bonus to allow more time to collect bonus.
This pin has some cool features that work well. One is a ball accelerator that launched the ball to the main ramp. The ball returns to the flipper but if your not ready it may just get by you. Also the games offer ball saves for both out lanes.
If the ball follows it's normal path then drains the left will kick the ball back into play and the right will return your ball to the shooter lane. Pin also offers a drop target that pops up between the flippers to help keep ball in play. Wish that is was a 3 ball multiball game but it is not, 2 ball is all you get. Decent call outs but gets very repetitive after a while.
Game is very fast and the ball gets out of hand a lot. Average cabinet art and a horrible back glass. Excellent playfield art that pulls the theme off. Wish they would have spent a little more time on back glass.
Game is very fun and is worth every penny that they are going for right now. Keeps me coming back for one more game just to see how many time I can get all the drop targets down.
8 years ago
Just found one of these. Just got it up and running and i have to say after about 50 games it is very fun to play. Game play is fun and the shots are fitting with the theme. No drains and the ball rescue feature makes for some long ball times. Nice loop shot and the 500.000 shot can add up quick for points. The music and sound is straight out of the 80s. Terrible back glass that doesn't fit the theme in my opinion. Very loud siren that goes off with major shots but needs to be disconnected for home use. I like it!
8 years ago
great game
8 years ago
One of the best pins i've ever played. Cool theme and ingenious layout. Simple rules with diffucult shots. A must have in my collection.

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