New to Pinside, long time collector

By cmarvinc

December 10, 2021

47 days ago

Glad to find the community.  I started collecting pins in the early 1990's.  I did the typical progression of starting off with a "Big House", and then trading up from there.   I ended up with 5 pins (that is as much space and I could dedicate to them), and then had the rule if one goes in, one goes out.   I have not made a swap in the last 12 years because I am so happy with what I currently have.   I have an Addams Family Gold (#680), Medieval Maddness, Monster Bash, Attack from Mars, and Twilight Zone.   All of them are the original verisons.  I am shocked at how expensive games have become, and am glad that mine are already in the gameroom rather than trying to chase them down in today's marketplace.   For me, pinball, is for fun, and I enjoy keeping them clean, and up and running as much as I enjoy playing them.   As a funny aside, I have two sons who grew up on pinball.  They both can go to a pinball bar, and bet a beer with their friends (winning of course) because all of the pins that they grew up playing (except Twilight Zone) have been remade.  

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19 days ago

I enjoyed your post. I wish I had gotten into pinball earlier, like you. It must have been fun chasing down a pinball that you liked in those days. While I have been in love with pinball since I was 6, it strangely never occurred to me that anyone who did not own an arcade could buy a pinball machine. I finally saw the light about 6 years ago when a friend asked if I had seen a couple pins at a pawn shop (Jive Time and Swords of Fury). I spent two sleepness nights deciding that I should buy them, and sadly went back to find they were gone. My disappointment got me going and I have had fun picking up two games from other collectors and one NIB. They have gotten so expensive and sought after that it isn't much fun collecting any of the older games (at least in my neck of the woods). You might as well just stick with new games. You have done really well.

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