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6 years ago
If you don't like the callouts, this game could be really obnoxious during multiball. However, if you do, it's really exciting. The loop shot timing is a little tricky but can pay off. Great game.
6 years ago
Lucking I get to play this in league pretty often.
6 years ago
I want to own this game again. It was my first pin. I suspect the music and speech might be a bit polarizing. I love them.
6 years ago
I just blocked off the center ramp to force myself to play the rest of the game.
6 years ago
This is the game I have owned longest and it's still a fun challenge. Sure, it's kind of a one shot game but still a great game.
6 years ago
Yes, the art package is very dated. It's kind of a snap shot of that era for better or for worse. I find it amusing. The game has a nice variety of shots. It plays rather fast as I have it set up. Great game for the money.