My AI assisted backstory

By cloneswilleatme

May 28, 2024

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My AI Assisted Back Story

I grew up as a child of the '80s, nurtured by the flickering neon lights of malls and the clatter of pinball machines and arcade games. The glow of the screens was my haven, a digital sanctuary amidst the chaos of my young life. My mom would leave me in front of Safeway, where I would play "Bag Man" for hours while she shopped, the electronic bleeps and bloops my only company.

School was a different story. Fiercely bullied, I found solace in my tight-knit group of friends. We were the outcasts, but we had each other. We spent our weekends at the arcade, our little band of misfits, drawn together by a shared love for pinball and a fascination with eagles and snakes. These creatures symbolized the duality of our lives: the freedom we craved and the cunning we needed to survive.

Mountain biking was our escape, the only way we could feel truly free. We'd ride through the forest trails, the wind whipping past us as we imagined ourselves as fearless as the eagles soaring above. We even took up nunchucks, inspired by the martial arts movies that captivated us, practicing in the woods until our hands were blistered and our spirits soared.

As the years went by, life pulled me away from my pinball sanctuary. College, jobs, relationships – they all demanded my attention. The sounds of the arcade faded into the background, replaced by the hum of office equipment and the buzz of daily responsibilities. Decades passed, and I forgot the thrill of the game.

Then, a few months ago, I stumbled upon an old pinball machine in a dusty corner of a bar. The sight of it ignited something deep within me. Memories of my childhood flooded back, and I felt a spark of passion I hadn't felt in years. I hesitated at first, unsure if I still had the skills, but as soon as my fingers touched the flippers, it was like coming home.

Now, I'm back with a vengeance. The pinball community has welcomed me with open arms, and I've found a new group of friends who share my love for the game. We've even started a tradition of riding our mountain bikes to different arcades, our own modern-day quest for the perfect game. We've traded our nunchucks for pinball paddles, but the spirit of adventure remains the same.

The eagles and snakes are still with me, symbols of my journey and the balance I've found in life. Pinball has taught me that no matter how far we stray, we can always find our way back to what we love. The '80s may be long gone, but the lessons and the passion remain, guiding me as I chase high scores and new adventures.

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31 days ago

I feel like chat gpt nailed it. There's no shortage of these stories on pinside to pull from. This one was nondescript enough to be anyone's: "it all started when I played *Insert first pinball game here*"

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