My Pinball Story

By Clnilsen

November 13, 2017

This story got featured on November 13, 2017

4 years ago

I grew up with a Travel Time in my parents basement. I loved playing it, and wish I still had it. Unfortunately It got destroyed by some not so nice fraternity brothers :-(. I would give a lot for just one more play on that machine... I can still hear the relay reset squence in my head!

However, in college there was an arcade in the student union that had a few pins - Adams Family and a Dr Who. I LOVED Doctor who, and lusted for one for years. Many years later I found one through a freind of my parents - overpaid for it (that I found out later on) - but I still love it! 

The other pin that I have is my Bally Dungeons and Dragons - this was a pure theme purchase, but I really love the playability. The rule set is not terrible complex, but I really love the kitchyness of it. 

I LOVE working on pins, and have really been able to develop skills with both mechanical and electronic repair,  but unfortunately don't have any more room to get another machine (I can't let them go once I get one!)

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4 years ago

I hear great things about Addams family. Played a doctor who once a long time ago. I had the pleasure or a data east starwars when I was little. Hope to have another one day :)

I might have to sell mine but if like to collect them though 2 is a must ...3 be a dream ;)

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