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4 years ago
The whole boat thing is a mystery to me. I found this game frustrating and not in a good way.
4 years ago
I don't know why, but I love this game. the playfield is hella fun to me, though I understand that it's not traditional or to everyone's taste. I like the space theme, and the bowl of the playfield works with the gravitational play concept.
4 years ago
I find this playfield too closed in... I like long shots. This feels to me like if you can get it off the flipper, you're gonna hit something. Theme is spot on. Artwork is great.
4 years ago
I grew up with this game, so admittedly I'm a bit biased. But managing the clock is a lot of fun, and promotes shot skills. I'm not a fan of the line art, but that's more of a generational thing and certainly many machines of that era had similar style. The color combinations work well. I've always thought the name was a great double entandre. It's very different gameplay than games today, but the conceit of managing the clock is well executed here.