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Batman Forever

Sega, 1995

“Boght from Bob Lanphier in Nebraska. Dead and missing some playfield mechanisms but super nice shape all around. Turned out dead - not booting only because cpu ribbon cable was installed off by one row of pins BF is underrated, imho. It is a true players game and many of my tourney level friends love playing it... and love to leave incredibly high scores on it that I will never knock off :)”

Purchased January 2002

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Bally, 1992

“Currently in use at a friends house. Still awaiting full restore. This is the game I designed the Snack Bar scoop protector on. This game was used to assist Phoenix Arcade with cabinet decal reproduction. Steve Charland and I were also the first to mod the #86 whirlpool ramp lamps by using stained glass oven baked lacquer to dye them green. Imho this was the beginning of the colored lamp revolution as no one had done anything like this before (excepting colored lamp condoms, of course)”

Purchased October 2000


Williams, 1988

“Always wanted my own Cyclone after I helped a buddy get one years before. Found a really super nice one with one exception. It had sat somewhre in a high heat environment so all the ramps were literally melted all over the playfield. The hunt for ramps began and I was fortunate to have good friends looking for me as well. Steve Charland was able to secure an incredibly rare NOS Cyclone ramp from Her Silvers at a very, very good price. I was able to use a heat shrink gun to reshape the Ferris ramp to like new and, of course, the Comet ramp is a repro from Pinball Inc. This has the nicest UNDRILLED cabinet I've ever seen on a Cyclone, or any game from this era! What a fun game. Imho the best single ball game of the modern era.”

Purchased August 2009


Bally, 1968

Dr. Dude

Bally, 1990

“Bought from my close friend and web host, David K. in Oregon. I love the whacky rock 'n roll mad scientist theme. Very fun Nordman design that's easy to jump on and just play without having to invest hours of energy :)”

Purchased September 2002


Williams, 1990

“This game was used to design the first ever set of playfield insert decals with the help of David Eisner. I spent hundreds of hours drawing the fonts for the insert art. This was way before playfields were being reproduced. The game still sits waiting restoration but played frequently :)”

Purchased December 1999

Joker Poker

Gottlieb, 1978

“Absolutely gorgeous condition game EXCEPT the playfield (still, pretty nice) Cabinet is a solid 9, backglass a 9.9+, nearly perfect. Added a PIx4 all-in-one board from Pascal Janin. I love this board! Original Gottlieb system 1 board set in perfect condition and still inside the backbox... just in case :) SOMEONE SELL ME AN NOS PLAYFIELD! PLEASE! :)”

Purchased August 2010

Judge Dredd

Bally, 1993

“Bought in deplorable condition from a seller who bought as a reimport from Italy. All metals corroded, chrome flakes covering the playfield falling off wire ramps. Cabinet completely faded. I airbrushed all the colors on the cabinet, looks nearly new now. This game was used to write the article in Pingame Journal #128 "How to Varathane your own playfield" This game was also what inspired me to invent my color bumper post sleeves. I simply could not see putting plain black rubber sleeves on such an incredibly colorful game. This game has been a huge draw at California pinball shows and gets played non-stop. It has my friends at Pinbits Deadworld mod which works flawlessly. It has custom made cards given to me by my friend Stan Simpson in the UK. I added 3 tiny orange LED's to the top of the crane plastic (perfect for construction equipment) and a down firing UV led which lights the edge of the disk as it picks up the balls. Flipper Fidelity speakers installed which sound fantastic. I also added a British coin door which is perfect since Dredd is a British comic character. John Trudeau himself was so impressed with my passion for this game (a game he said he LOVED designing) that he stood with it for pics and autographed it in 3 places. ”

Purchased December 2007

Jumping Jack

Gottlieb, 1973

King of Diamonds

Gottlieb, 1967

Medieval Madness

Williams, 1997

“Fully restored including cab decals, IPB playfield. Mods include full gold package, filled and smoothed backbox edges, my own custom made Merlin, added LEDs to Trolls, my own custom detailed castle including paint and added lamps with cutout windows. Highly detailed dragon and wings ground and polished. Designed all my protectors on this game.”

Purchased January 2010

Metallica (Premium)

Stern, 2013

“Premium Monsters edition. Sticker on edge of playfield says E2-JamesLE (METAL.) #410 of 500 ”

Purchased August 2013

Paul Bunyan

Gottlieb, 1968

Pinball Magic

Capcom, 1995

“Purchased from local operator / friend who had too many problems on route. Phantom levitating ball problems, 12 broken switch wire tabs and ball trough issues. Cosmetically near perfect and a great price so I just had to have it :) Pinbits used this game to design their plastics protectors on. Greg Ong of Mind Orbits used this game as a test unit for his color changing shooter. I wrote an article in September 2009 Gameroom Magazine on how to adapt the shooter to a Capcom game.”

Purchased September 2001

Revenge From Mars

Bally, 1999

Star Wars

Data East, 1992

“Acquired in a trade for repairs on local collectors other games. Not working, badly water damaged cabinet as if left outside in the rain for many years. All lamp sockets and other metals rusted beyond useability. Bad trade? Maybe. But I LOVE Star Wars stuff :) At least the playfield was excellent so worth it to me. Mike Chestnut replated the ramps. I've replaced nearly all lamp sockets. Reworked boards, especially PPB board. All new fuse clips and molex connectors. Was lucky to find a VERY nice cabinet in St. Louis, MO for $50!! It still required touchups but I was able to perfectly match the paint at Home Depot. Shifter ball launcher replaced with Happ shifter and only required flipping the microswitch. I added blue lamp condoms to the Hyperspace plastic as it matches that target bank better than oem colors. I also repainted and decaled R2D2 and added a red LED in his dome. This game is fully restored now and gorgeous. This is the game I designed my Force and Sarlaac scoop protectors on. Pinbits used this game to design their plastics protectors also. ”

Purchased February 2007

Strange Science

Bally, 1986

“Second time owned. Regretted selling my first Strange Science and began the search for another, even better one. Finally found near mint SS at great price. This is the game that I designed the Anti-Gravity and Particle Separator protectors on. The professor has always been my avatar as I am considered by many to be something of a mad scientist :)”

Purchased December 2002

The Simpsons Pinball Party

Stern, 2003

“Bought from well known and loved west coast collector with only 200 plays. He repacked and shipped precisely as it was new in the box. PRECISELY as Stern shipped it to him. Amazing. This game was used to design the Itchy/Scratchy protector and the Pinbits petg slingshot protectors.”

Purchased March 2007

Twilight Zone

Bally, 1993

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