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1 year ago
Paragon is an ultra-wide-body machine that is imposing before you even start a game. The game play can vary from slow and steady to fast and brutal depending on how you approach your scoring options. The inline drop targets are the biggest challenge in the game as you need to properly line your shot up on the tricky double right flippers with out draining between them. The artwork is fantastic and tells enough of a story to let your imagination run wild as you play.
1 year ago
This is a Steve Ritchie designed classic. The ruleset is basic, but the layout and play are so fast and fun that it doesn’t matter. If you ever have a chance to play a restored version of this pin, you will not walk away disappointed. You’ll walk away defeated if you walk away at all. The multi-ball is difficult to achieve and the Jackpot even more so. With a full LED treatment, this pin has a light show that, to date, has not been matched.
1 year ago
As with most of JJP’s offerings, this title just isn’t very exciting to me. The game plays well and there is plenty to shoot, but the theme is odd and, while well put together, I never feel like I know what’s going on with the story it is so desperately trying to tell. Also, I don’t like having my picture taken.
1 year ago
Zombie Yeti artwork is perfect on this pin. The music, animations and humor are fantastic. Every single shot just feels right and that sword lock shot is super gratifying. I didn’t care for the little Deadpool bobble head at first, but it is well integrated into the theme and I’ve learned to love it.
1 year ago
This is my kind of game. If you have friends, the co-op modes are fantastically fun. The music and light show are currently unmatched in pinball. This game isn’t for everyone. The rule set is basic and there are no toys or ramps.
1 year ago
A classic theme choice from Stern, but gameplay is only okay. The art package is phenomenal, especially on the premium that is primarily in black and white. I’m not typically a fan of little-ball mini playfields, but Munsters packs a lot into it here. There’s a ramp and multiball on that little guy, and I’d say it’s mostly more fun to play than the regular playfield.
1 year ago
The absolute best offering Stern has had to date. The Pro and Premium versions are very similar so there is not a big difference in play between the two. It is an incredible achievement for rookie Stern designers to have created such a pinball masterpiece. The Zombie Yeti art package is just icing on the cake.
1 year ago
The third Black Knight in the series stays on theme and offers a deep dive into the magical world of the Black Knight. The upper playfield is a must on any machine with the black knight name so I can not recommend the Pro version of this title. Don’t get me wrong. The Pro is fun, but it’s missing a key component in the upper playfield.
4 years ago
Looks like it should be fun, but it seems like it's rigged to drain the ball. Flippers are weak just like "The Hobbit"
4 years ago
One of Stern's best yet, but the outlanes are WIDE and the flippers and about an inch too far apart.