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10 months ago
JJP get Lawlor and Yousi on a custom disaster theme with a seemingly limitless b.o.m.

easily one of the greats, but since it's not Star Wars or Rick and Morty it doesn't appeal to the masses, and doesn't get nearly the attention it deserves.

it shoots smooth like a Stern/Bally/Williams, but it feels packed and chunky like a JJP. it's not dark like other JJPs, the GI is perfect and I never have problems seeing the ball like I do other JJP titles.

the modes, multiballs, and lightshows are unreal. some of the best of any machine I've ever played. everyone should get to Chaos in Quantum City before fully judging this game because it will blow your mind.

I can see how anyone can step up to this machine in the wild and completely dismiss it, and that's probably why its rating is so low. but don't be fooled, go into it with an open mind and you will see why many, including me, consider this their grail.
1 year ago
my personal favorite game, a perfect 10 imo. there's so much to do while not being too confusing. the haunts are goofy, deadheads are weird just like from SS, and the atmosphere is campy.

Elvira being there the whole time makes it more intimate, and you feel like the house is alive as you're exploring it and interacting with all the different characters.

chaining the modes, multiballs, and extensions together is just as enjoyable, if not more than SS. it also shoots like a classic Bally/Williams.

*Gappa Angry is a masterpiece and I highly suggest anyone gets there before making a final judgment on the game.*

looking forward to these final touches in these next few code updates, I have no doubt in my mind that HoH will forever be one of the greats. thanks to everyone involved, and all of the incredible pinsiders in the owner's thread that has worked to make HoH even greater.