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12 months ago
There are games that are DEEP DEEP DEEP in the rules, and given great ratings as a result. Some of those games should be highly rated. Most though are needlessly hard. Cactus canyon is not DEEP DEEP DEEP. However, it’s got that right blend of difficulty and reward. What’s the old saying? Easy to learn hard to master ? That’s cactus canyon, and that’s what keeps me coming back for more. I love this game, and I think you will too.
1 year ago
This game.... l love and hate this game. Its hard. It will make you a better player. It the pinball machine that will make a man out of you. I love the disk that opens up! hitting that shot is fun. When you make the Captain Marvel shot, that shot is like a roller coaster and gives me a boost of energy lol. Its really cool. When the sounds for the Hulk bonus shot come on, it makes me nervous and desperate to hit it, and that requires some skill at that point as I'm convinced i'm playing against myself. Getting to Thanos is easy, yet beating him is not. Did I mention the game can be challenging? That challenge is not for the weak players. Though I think every one should spend time on this game, they will be glad they did.
1 year ago
I owned this game for nearly a year. It got me through covid and then I traded it out. I loved it. Its fun, its fast but slower than pro. I actually find the pro model to be faster and more fun. The ramp that lifts was cool, but i think it slowed things down. Overall the sound is amazing, though even though i'm a huge maiden fan, I was worried the song list would grow me tired of music i loved, hence why i traded it out. the music got a bit repetitive for me. There's no denying though this is one of the best playing games ever, and I feel it reflects in my score. There's a reason this machine is harder and harder to get. Dont deny yourself a chance to play / own one. I will buy it again one day.
1 year ago
I love this game! From the creepy young child voice at the beginning singing "yo, ho, yo, ho a pirates life for me" to the fun sword sounds and the challenge of taking out the kraken... this game delivers! It plays long some games, and can be a short game the next minute. For difficulty I'd rate it "easy to get into, hard to master". The game at times can make you feel like a pinball master, then jerk you right back to reality. Every one should play this game. **edit** please note, i'm a life long Pirates geek who has loved the ride since childhood. I enjoy the movies quite a bit, so my rating has some some fan boy bias in it. Though I've owned many a pin, and they have left my collection, just for playability alone, this game is super fun and will never leave, pirates or not.
**Edit of the Edit** The game though I loved the theme after awhile ran a bit stale for me. Fan boy for pirates or not it’s too expensive to leave sit so it gave way for other titles
2 years ago
When they announced this title I must admit I was very skeptical. My kids grew up loving tmnt, but I was dubious at best. However after playing the pro model at the pinball hall of fame I was hooked! It’s fast and fun with very satisfying shots! Cooperation mode is unique and the family all claimed their turtle, so it’s fun and competitive. Cannot recommend this enough
3 years ago
After much debate with the family and many trips to the Pinball hall of fame, I was out voted and we purchased GOTG. My first two choices were Stern Star Trek and Black Knight 2019. I must admit at first I thought I may have made a mistake giving in, but I’m glad I did. The machine came with the latest code, built late July 2019 and May very well be one of the last step builds. Never mind the outdated negative reviews on this pin. The game is fast, the rules and objectives are great and it’s just plain fun. Crank up the music and don’t miss out playing this fantastic machine.

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