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5 months ago
Fun game, very addicting! I wish they could have done more with the music but I know licensing can be a pain, especially anything involving the Beatles. All around great pin just a little pricey imo.
8 months ago
Game is just a straight Mr. Hanky, I tried to enjoy the game since I’m a fan of the show but it’s just not there. It also doesn’t help that’s an early interpretation of what the show was. That being said, it could be forgiven if the game was at all fun. Maybe there is a perfect version of this game out there that is really dialed in, but I just couldn’t get behind it.
8 months ago
Fast, fun and addicting! Everything you want in a Steve Ritchie pin. Sold the game once before and I’m constantly checking prices to add it back. 2007 plays a little faster then the VA imo.
8 months ago
Great game that is overshadowed by the similarities it shares with Metallica. I will say that the light show on the premium compared to the pro are worlds apart. People often gripe about the groot arms blocking the view of play but this never was an issue for me. All in all with everything stern has implemented with recent code updates I’d highly recommend the premium!

P.S Cleland code is a must have.
8 months ago
The JJP that started it all. The EC, RE and YBR are true examples of how beautiful a pinball machine can be. The lighting is truly breathtaking. Rules are pretty simple to learn but game is near impossible to master. I’ve owned the game for over a year now and only reached the first wizard mode a handful of times. Truly one of the best machines out there a must play.
8 months ago
Game is one of the best out there. Code still needs some tweaking but the layout and the overall feel is amazing. Can be a little difficult in the beginning but stay with it! High scores are very rewarding. Besides IM, this is my favorite Stern in recent memory.