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Video games and pinball machines

By ClarkKent

December 15, 2014

5 years ago



I have to admit that I was NEVER interested in pinball machines until my 40th birthday. In my early years I was only interested in video games, mainly arcade. PacMan, Galaga, Space Harrier, Q*bert, Zaxxon - all those great titles. My all-time favorite is Boulder Dash (Atari or C64). In 2009 I acquired an old arcade cabinet in good condition and converted it into a MAME cabinet. Step-by-step I added a lot of other emulators like SNES, Amiga, Gameboy, etc. As there was nothing big left to do with this cabinet in 2012 I started to be interested in so-called VPinCabs I discovered in that year. It's a combination of video game and pinball, a virtual pinball game in a real pinball cabinet. It took about 3 to 4 months to finish it and I was happy to be able to play my new hobby - pinball - at home. At the end of 2013 I was totally affected by the pinball virus and I started to look for a real machine. I didn't really had a clue but I bought a Cyclone pinball. At that time I didn't realize that it was not in a really good condition but it worked and I was able to play. I even started to shop it but it was definitely too much for my skills. As chance would have it I found a very nice Roadshow about 2 months later. First it was not my intention to buy a second pinball but it was in a really nice shape and it was not too expensive. So I bought it and restored it to my needs. About a year later I got a very good offer for a STTNG in great shape. First I asked a friend if he would like to buy it because I did not have the room for four pinball machines but he declined. But as the overall condition of the pinball machine was really nice I wouldn't miss this chance and I bought it - with the plan to sell my Cyclone. And I was lucky: I sold my Cyclone pinball machine about two weeks later. Heavy-heartedly because I loved the game. I think this is it. My two pinball machines Roadshow and STTNG plus my VPinCab. I do not plan to ever sell them and I also do not have the plan to buy another pinball machine - but who knows... ;)


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