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2 years ago
Not news to anyone, but the main reason I own this pin is because of the depth of the rule set. There is just *so* much to do, then you can also stack modes and multiballs together. When you add the greatness of the theme on top, it’s a Grail pin for me.

This is also a pin that benefits greatly from a ColorDMD. Given it is a cartoon, putting the ColorDMD in “scan” mode makes it feel more modern and less like a DMD era pin.
3 years ago
The "ur" Ritchie layout: Upper right flipper, lower left kickback. This is where it all began.

Put a good set of competition rubbers on this machine and you'll be treated to a fast and fun experience.

Sure, the soundtrack sounds a bit like someone banging away on a Casio SK-1, but for its time this was pretty cool stuff. Picked this up as my first pin 30+ years after it was launched, and still find it super fun.