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22:41:37 Unlocked Pinside achievement Good Pinsider 1 (Don't get moderated for 1 month while being active)


22:24:08 Added a media link to a game [[ added/media:11231 ]]


22:21:54 Thumbed up post #19 by edednedy in topic Convert old 2-wire to 3-wire?

00:26:03 Unlocked Pinside achievement Proof is Everything (Add a high score with photo evidence)

00:26:03 Added a high score of 839,200 for Cue


22:43:40 Unlocked Pinside achievement Regular (Visit Pinside for 14 days in a row)

03:54:00 Added a location to the pinball map ARCADA (Arcata, CA)


22:26:09 Edited map location Lighthouse Plaza (Arcata, CA)

22:24:56 Added a location to the pinball map Lighthouse Plaza (Arcata, CA)


20:17:51 Added a location to the pinball map Harbor Lanes (Eureka, CA)

20:06:25 Unlocked Pinside achievement On the Map (Add a location)

20:06:25 Added a location to the pinball map Shanty (Eureka, CA)

20:00:09 Edited map location Lost Coast Brewery (Eureka, CA)


17:42:10 Made post #12 in topic Background story

00:17:13 Edited map location Pizza Factory (Del Rio, CA)


20:44:11 Unlocked Pinside achievement Lounging Around (Make a post in a lounge topic)

20:44:11 Made post #4530 in topic A Picture From Your Window / Pinside Random Picture Thread

15:12:07 Thumbed up post #11504 by ReadyPO in topic The Pinball Visual Quiz Show

15:11:52 Unlocked Pinside achievement Noticed (Get mentioned by another Pinsider.)

15:04:20 Unlocked Pinside achievement Thumbed! (Get a thumbs up)

14:42:30 Favorited a topic The Pinball Visual Quiz Show

Made 2 forum posts in topic ALL “The Pinball Visual Quiz Show”

13:38:27 Post #11503

13:34:26 Post #11502


22:35:50 Thumbed up post #11493 by ReadyPO in topic The Pinball Visual Quiz Show

22:18:59 Unlocked Pinside achievement First Post (Create your first forum post)

22:18:59 Made post #11491 in topic The Pinball Visual Quiz Show

20:35:33 Unlocked Pinside achievement On the Leaderboard (Add a high score)

20:35:33 Added a high score of 657,090 for Cue

15:36:12 Rated game Orbitor 1 with a 8.00

12:52:32 Unlocked Pinside achievement Ratings Commenter (Write 5 rating comments)

12:52:32 Unlocked Pinside achievement Approved Rater (Become an approved rater)

11:20:38 Unlocked Pinside achievement Frontpaged (Get a story frontpaged)

11:20:38 ~ featured/article A Half Century of Pinball

11:20:36 Published a story A Half Century of Pinball

11:19:11 Became an approved rater cindik


23:36:38 Rated game Cue with a 6.39

23:25:43 Rated game Joust with a 7.44

23:18:02 Rated game Firepower with a 8.78

22:46:29 Rated game Flash with a 8.12

22:42:12 Rated game Black Knight with a 9.75

22:28:51 Rated game Scorpion with a 8.61

22:24:22 Rated game Count-Down with a 8.37

22:19:54 Rated game Hypnox with a 6.77

16:00:33 Unlocked Pinside achievement Initials set (Set your high score initials)

15:56:01 Unlocked Pinside achievement Avatar uploaded (Uploaded a user avatar image)

15:53:02 Unlocked Pinside achievement Verified (Become a verified user)

15:53:01 Subscribed to Pinside+! Pinside Red Heart Ten subscription

15:06:22 Unlocked Pinside achievement Starting a Collection (Own a pinball machine)

15:06:22 Added a game to the collection Cue

15:04:56 Unlocked Pinside achievement Located on Map (Set your home location)

15:02:25 Unlocked Pinside achievement Pinside Member (Sign up for a Pinside account)

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