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5 months ago
Grand Prix is one of the fastest, most addictive EMs out there. I’ve had mine for over 6 years and it’s never leaving. Ripping spinners never gets old!! Can be annoying to troubleshoot sometimes as there is a ton going on underneath the playfield, but once an issue is licked, that’s that.

If you like EMs and have a chance to own this, do it!!
1 year ago
I had Alice Cooper for about 3 months on loan from a friend. I put a few hundred plays on it during that time, saw the entire game and completed Billion Dollar Babies.

I think the animations are some of the best in pinball. Incredible job by Spooky on this one. The backglass and cabinet artwork are top notch too. While the playfield artwork, is not my favorite, it is solid. The face in the middle has always looked weird to me.

The lighting is cool from an RGB coding perspective, but the game is WAY TOO DARK. I had to keep extra light blasted on this game the whole time I had it to see while I played.

The layout is okay, the shots are hard to learn, but once you do, they become pretty satisfying. It is hard to get any type of combos flowing on this game though. If you like Ritchies, stay away from Alice Cooper.

The upper playfield is solid and the type I like. Has a few shots and your trips up there are typically short.

The code is solid with some unique rules and all the monster modes are very different, which is greatly appreciated. The hurry up feature at the end of monster modes and the weapons add some good breadth to the rules too.

At the end of the day though, this game has really no long lasting appeal to me. Once I beat the game, I did not really ever want to play it again. There is essentially a cap to the games scoring too. If you beat the game it goes to game over. So the scoring is essentially capped at 1.5-1.8 billion. If you somehow can maximize all the monsters and hurry ups and defeat all of them, and complete the wizard mode maybe 2 bills is possible, but I did not really want to try that.

This is why I will never own this, but always enjoy playing it when I see one at others' houses or on location.
1 year ago
Very basic and not so fun add a ball game. Once you get good at spamming the center saucer it's not that fun. Candy cane lane feels good to shoot, but too hard to light it. Overall, okay game. Not great. Much better single player EMs out there.
1 year ago
I have had this game since day one. We are now at 1.01 code. I feel the game is complete enough to review it. I have around 2,000 plays on my game. BEFORE READING FURTHER: this review assumes you have the game 100% dialed in. this can take hours and hours to get right. So please consider that before buying:


The innovation in this game is great. the Projector, TK magnet lock, and Demogorgon toy, and UV kit/art are all pinball firsts. They really tried something different with this game. Execution was not good, but you get this baby dialed in, and those features are all great. when I come across a pro after playing the LE so much, it just feels like the whole game is missing when you play. The added features are so fun.

The shots are smooth, but the right orbit dead end to the pops and the vuk shot to the left are not very satisfying to hit. Overall though, all shots feel good especially the burn it back loop and the left orbit that feeds the right ramp/flipper.

The sounds are fantastic on this game. GET AN EXTERNAL SUB!! that combined with the upgraded sound package of the LE are so so great.

The animations are fine. they do a good job overall syncing the show clips with the callouts (not perfect, but good), but the custom animations are not going to blow you away. The EB animation being like AFM was a nice touch.

The artwork is solid. Not photoshop crappy, and not the crazy details of Yeti, but it is solid and fits the theme well.

Code. This was a slow burn for sure. But the base code had good bones and was updated monthly for its first year of existence. It has come a long way. It is a straightforward ruleset that has lots of modes and tasks to complete, but not too difficult to reach the end. All the modes are varied, some of the rules of the Demogorgon modes are very very good and keep you coming back. The collect drawings side quest is great for all players and makes you want to complete and play all modes well. If you hate multipliers, this is the game for you. only the typical 2x playfield exists in this game and certain modes will double your shot value if you combo the shots. that is it. It is not an Elwin or a Keefer game code wise, but if you like Deadpool, Guardians, KISS, etc. this code is just as fun and easy to pick up. The FINAL SHOWDOWN wizard mode is very well done too. It also has it as a challenge to play from attract mode like other new sterns so that is fun too. The game is set up so that a big scoring opportunity is always around the corner (DEMO modes, Total Isolations, big bonus collects and the mini wizard modes for completing the season modes).


THIS GAME IS A BITCH TO SET UP AND GET PLAYING RIGHT!!!!! haha. you have been warned. this game will forever be plagued by how hard it is to dial it in. I might have the only LE on earth that works right. haha.

The chapter modes from seasons 1 and 2 are pretty basic and could have been coded better. yeah there are 12 of them, but only like 3-4 of them have really enjoyable rules. The rest are just clear the shots and be done with it.

The total isolation modes work like TA modes in AFM. Clear the shots, get a super and restart. they are both different than each other, but I wish they had multiple varied stages to add to their appeal. The scoring in those modes does make up for this somewhat. Very satisfying to score big in those.

The mini wizard modes are a tad too easy to complete and basically have capped scoring to them. I would have liked to see more to these modes as well to add to the risk and reward and allow for more parity in the scoring.

Final Verdict: if you are okay with dialing this game in, or find one that is already dialed, hell yeah. dive in. it should be cheaper than most other recent LEs, and is a sleeper due to the bad reviews it has received. To see a dialed game in action, see the video below. Enjoy!
4 years ago
Waaay too wood choppy. Especially if you’re trying for End of the Line.

Fun to do hurry ups and seek and destroy, but gets old.

Fun to go for Blankened, but dangerous.

Multiballs are fun but takes too long to get to some of them.

CIU modes are amazing but way to much shooting to get to them.

I’ve had the game for 5-6 months and I’m good with never playing again. Haha
6 years ago
The #1 issue I have with this game is the Artwork. Pretty lame. Good thing you don't play the art, and I'm a player. This game plays so great. It is very fast, and a lot of shots can be hit from each flipper.

While this game looks stripped down next to the Prem or other games like GB, the rules completely make up for that. IMO, if you are a true player, it will take you at least 50-100 games to really see what this game has to offer. A full understanding of the game is really what makes it sing. If you can get past how the game looks, you will love it.
6 years ago
All time classic. I have had this game for over a year and I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon. Drops everywhere, and a tough eightball shot. Just one more game feel, and a great game to learn shooting skills on as you can utilize all the tricks to gain an advantage in this game.
8 years ago
I have owned this machine for about a month and I love it! The theme is amazing, and the gameplay is challenging. Very hard to get all bingo cards lit up, especially having only one lit at a time, and only 3 ball games. very fast after a good polish and wax, and hitting those double spinners is awesome. Multiple ways to hit the drop targets (off bumpers, fed from top side loops, or direct from the flippers) Keeps me coming back for more. The thumping of the drum beat that gets faster the longer the ball is in play is awesome too. Best part of the sound package is when you have a big bonus 3X at the end of the ball. Blasting the spinners good is a great sound too. I would be surprised if I ever get rid of this.
8 years ago
One of the best machines I have ever played. Rule set is not too too deep, but depending upon how you go about achieving certain goals will be the difference between a monster score, and a crummy score. This keeps experienced players coming back. All the funny call outs, and great looks, and just fun gameplay keeps the casuals playing too. Very very great game.
8 years ago
This game is not for the faint of heart! It may just be my nemesis pin, but I struggle to score high on this game. This difficulty keeps me coming back for more. Very difficult to start modes which is the best way to score, so it is satisfying to get a good game going. The game has many other features too which allow you to attack those if you are having trouble starting any of the modes. Definitely a must play!
8 years ago
The is a very fun game to play. Tons and tons of flow. Very satisfying to watch the combo counter climb and climb. Also, you can stack up balls for the multiballs, which adds diversity. I probably played this game 15-20 times before I even cared to find out the full rule set for it. It is just tons of fun. Also a great movie to base a pin off of. Great call outs. Very reasonably priced too.
8 years ago
Very interesting game since there are no in lanes that feed the flippers. You cannot trap the ball. This is because of the ladybug feature. If you hit the middle target switch, the captive ball races back and fourth for endless scoring unless you drain, or hit one of the switches that stops the action. The game is challenging in that it is difficult to advance the target lights to increase the value of the ladybug scoring from 10 to 100. Also, the saucer up top is hard to get too so it is very rewarding if you can get all pop bumpers lit for max points. Definitely a fun starter pin for a collection.
8 years ago
First of all, if you are not BOTH as lover of Pacman AND Pinball, then this game is not for you, move on. However, if you are passionate about both, this game is one of the best, most difficult, and entertaining games ever. That being said, once you develop a feel for the basic strategy of the game, it can feel repetitious. The key is to have a score goal in mind. Pacmam and pinball lovers a like love a good high score challenge to achieve. Take for instance, my machine has a personal friend of mine's high score of over 3 million points stored on it. That is a hell of a feat in this game IMO. So I am literally addicted to this game because of the challenge it presents and the overwhelming sense of satisfaction when you achieve a very high score (1.5 million plus IMO). So, if you are looking for a very difficult, but addicting game, that will keep you coming back for more, than this is the game for you. I love it!!