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9 years ago
A classic for sure . Don't own this one but have played it quite a few times. I think that in the long run it may get a little old as a single pin , because maybe it is not too difficult and is a bit too hysterical for it's own good, but as a part of home collection ( with not too many other Pat Lawlor Pins) it is one of the best choices around. That is if you can find it at a decent price. The use of magnets is awsome as is the lovely backglass. The overall package is one of the most attractive in the market hence the popularity...
9 years ago
What's not to love here? Well there are a few things actually.The playfield is a little crowded and some targets are a little hidden. Other than that you get a great theme , a lovely backglass art, some great 50's music that puts you in the groove , humor and an addictive and challenging gameplay that gets you hooked for life. The two ball multiball is lacking ,but the variety of shots ,the balanced difficulty the timed skill shots and even some limited but addictive flow when shooting the ramps as well as the overall FUN of the gameplay more than compensates. A top 20 pin for sure in my ( and many other) books. Hit the snack bar!
9 years ago
It can be frustrating at times ,but this is a darkly seductive machine with a challenging two level gameplay, that can haunt you in a good way... Maybe the best system 80 Gottlieb made when working properly. The ball can move really fast and unpredictally sometimes and the impersonal robotic sounds along with the great dark backglass with the rotating circle can really draw you in another spaced out world ... Beware of the gravity issues involved...
9 years ago
Typically excellent Lawlor Pin. Not exactly difficult, but lots to do. A crowded widebody with one head more than Funhouse. Funny to!The music is not to die for , agreed, but it is far from being annoying. In fact the whole sound package suits the humorous theme, very well.
9 years ago
Another drop target based pin by Gotlieb. Not their best, but rather popular in its day due to the addictive and relatively easy gameplay. Good for unwinding...
9 years ago
A drop target paradise early solid state game. The backglass is beatifull and the sound is typically monotonous. A Challenging game and a change of pace compared to the DMD's.
9 years ago
Fast and fun not really deep, but offers an adrenalin rush when you need it. You need to have one in your collection , as an antidote or change of pace to the sop and go Pat Lawlor type pins ,unless you hate speed or somehow managed to own a faster one. Like what? NF maybe? Well Getaway is fast without being "bare" . Just don't expect the flow, speed implies...
9 years ago
Great really! Can't get tired of Rudy... A novelty in its day and a classic pinball machine today. At least as cool and not so hysterical as TAF in my book. A Pat Lawlor's design that may be alittle easy to beat for the advanced player but as in all Lawlor's pins there's lots to do . It can certainly occupy a permanent place in a home collection.
9 years ago
Love it! Fun , funny direct and adddictive gameplay, not as easy as some would make you believe and enough shots to keep you busy chasing that elusive jackpot. Nice sounds. Never gets old. Equally popular to me in my forties and to my my (not yet 10) son. A classic by all means...
9 years ago
Rather challenging but sometimes frustrating. Not a very good backglass but fine theme music. I own it and it is a players game no doubt, but wouldn't recommend it for a small collection, unless you want a pin that will give you a run for your money every time...
9 years ago
Well, this is a machine that you either love or hate... Or is it love and hate? Not a pretty backglass ( more wynona ryder less decayed Dracula would have been appreciated) but cool sounds and music that suit the dark theme. The gameplay is challenging , often frustrating and sometimes rather rewarding. The teeeen 20 and 30 million quotes can really give you a rush. The many multiball modes and the use of magnets and sound in the misty multiball are impressive and get you hooked. Needs strong flippers to create a flow.Not perfect , but can certainly find a place in a modest collection and in your heart, if you give it a chance. It will often bite your neck though so be carefull...
9 years ago
I own and really like this one.It is actually one of my very favorites in the collection.I find the artwork on the backglass truly exeptional and the music that some disslike very suitable and energetic.The flaping fish is just a gimmick and the playfield is a little crowded, but the gameplay is direct and addictive. There is flow when hitting the left and right ramp in sequence. Not easy , not frustrating either. Great for children and adults alike. I consider it fun and entertaining, and suitable for any home collection, unless you have a preference for "dark" themed pins only . And a real bargain in my book.Of course if you have very limited space for only one or two pins and unlimited cash you needn't bother. Go ahead and buy MM and/or BBB instead... Otherwise, you will be hard pressed to find a better one at the price.Do not believe that the jd's or dm's offered in abundance out there, offer the same, aesthetically and otherwise.They don't.By the way i m not selling mine. Ever!