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19 days ago
What a killer game!!
Amazing back in the day and standing the test of time, I love this classic!
Back in 80-81, there would be a crowd around this game at the arcade and you would be judged harshly for bad play.
Great sounds and fast yet very controllable shooter, but still can be brutal and multi ball is earned.
I love the right flipper lane control and how the ball comes off the very close stand ups back to a flipper almost every time, just be ready!
Not as easy to find anymore, especially with a good playfield.
I've bought and sold a lot of pins, but I will never sell Firepower!!
33 days ago
When I was 15-16 yrs old, after school, we would quietly walk into the shitty little dark all day dive bar in town (the Drake!) to play Jack's Open!!
This title was one of three (El Dorado & AbraCaDabra) play as much as possible games for me back in my day and it was always a quick game with Jack's Open as we would get loud and get kicked out almost every time..... sometimes chased! Damn, it was fun.
I loved Jack's Open!! That bar was the only place that had it. It was 1980-81 and the mall had moved on to electronic games and it was getting harder to find the EM's I had mastered!
I lost interest in pinball soon after, but 25 yrs later when I came back, this was the hardest to find damn game!
Jack's Open is a special game and that's why it's hard to find.... people play it and then they want it.
One of Gottliebs last wedgeheads and one of their best!!
46 days ago
One of the best ever and one of a handful of games that saved pinball.
Turn it up too loud and it feels like no other pinball machine.
Grab one if you get the chance!!
7 months ago
Absolutely lives up to the hype.
Game plays really fast and buttery smooth.
Love rippin that Mecha spinner and bashin that Mecha bash toy!
The building takes it to another level.
So many feel good shots.
Post pass not impossible and also feels satisfying cause it's hard by design. Keith did it on Dead can too.
Almost every shot feels new to pinball and it has a perfect balance of flow / stop and shoot.
How bout the drain loop?!! Genius!!
Pretty open playfield and yet so much going on, every inch utilized well and the pop is killer down there.
Shaker motor is a must on this title, if you have a pro, get one!
The theme is integrated as good as the hardcore's could hope for.
I wasn't really a big Zombie Yeti fan, but I'm appreciating him now cause in person the game looks amazing. Really love that backglass.
Also love the callouts and movie clips..."you have failed!"
Updates will only make it better, Godzilla will be King of Pins for a long time!
7 months ago
I loved this game when I was young and when I found one a few years ago I made a bad 2 for 1 trade for it.
I don't care.....I love this pin!
First game took me right back to around '75 again.
I love looking at the art/colors on this one as much as playing it..... very nyeeess!
Yes, must have strong flipper coils and be set up steep to maximize brutality.
8 months ago
Went to Scandia to play their Deadpool Pro a few more times before I possibly get my first new in box pin and holy sh t they have a BK LE! I have never seen it let alone played it. After 3 brutal fast what a loser games.... I fell in love!! This game is amazing and looks / sounds as solid as any pin out there! I couldn't hear the insults because I was in Scandia gdamnit! I know they were flyin cause I sucked. With all the comic book pins everywhere these days this pin looks like it was made for serious adults. I want one!!
1 year ago
Maybe the best playing non drop wedgehead ever. Unbelievably challanging with tight shots everywhere. I really can't say enough about how good this pin is. The art is weak, yes, but play it a few times and you won't care at all. I have a lot of wedgeheadsands, but since I found this gem I haven't played anything else. Completely addictive game that leaves you with one card needed so often and it's a different card every time! Just a killer game! Talk about under valued bang for buck? This one tops my list. If you find one, just buy it.
1 year ago
Very very good game, several unique design features and another wedgehead that feels smart!
Easy to understand and hard to beat, this is also one of the prettiest EM's ever, she really stands out lit up in a dark room.
A few things that make her special are the card spinner working with the kick outs, which kick up, and the center drain for special. Backbox takes some getting used to.
The games usually end quick. I love tough pins and this is one for sure. The inlanes are the key to lighting her up but the game is a blast and I'm hooked. We'll see how long the magic lasts.
3 years ago
Amazing art, but also amazing sound, lighting and most importantly, Amazing game play! This is Stern at it's best. One of those every 10 year pins, almost perfect! I played this gem at Scandia right after it came out and it was so loud I couldn't believe it. What a rush!
This was before I played AC/DC, so I had never had an intense music/pinball experience like this in my life! This game, along with AC/DC, takes piball to a new level!!
Been a few years now but I'm finally rating some of my favorites and as y'all know, this is one of the best ever.
PS- Played Maiden. 2 quick games so I won't rate yet, but just didn't feel close to how good Met is.
3 years ago
AFM was the first dmd game I ever owned and I really miss her. The deal is I love old EM's and don't want too much of my pinball money locked up into one game. I miss her more than my MM. Great game! One of the best ever!! I'm just echoing what everyone already knows but I don't know too many 90's pins as well as this one so I had to finally rate her.
3 years ago
Surfer and Surf Champ are such a great players! I'm a wedgehead lover and although she's a multi player, she's a special Gottlieb pin.
First of all, she's pretty. I love the whole package on both games but the backglass is better on Surfer of course. A few too many words on playfield explaining point value is my only complaint but Gottlieb did that a lot for some reason (that's what the cards were for dudes).
The game design is unique and well thought out. The way the drops and rollovers work together is smart and fun and the spinner location is important in making the drops more challenging.
The flow you get with the deep side lanes and open playfield. When you play play a cherry one you get a fast flow/ball control balance not found in many EM pins.
Getting the ball to kick off the small left sling just right and glide across all 5 rollovers at once is sweetness!
Surfer and Surf Champ are my favorite '70's multi players!
3 years ago
Felt I needed to give this one some love cause it's such a peed on title, but I dig it, baby. I get it if you didn't like the movies but this is a fun and underrated pin. Very good bang for buck here.
3 years ago
Hard to pick your favorite game with so many great ones out there but if I was forced to choose one it would probably be TZ.
I have never owned one and feel like I've only scratched the surface while having a handful of killer games. This one and AF just feel like perfect pins!! I'm still learning how great these 90's pins are and TZ is the KingPin!!
3 years ago
I really do love MM but did get burned out on it after a year or so and I think the ramps are too wide to be a serious challenge for a good player. Very fun, just not hard enough and too much money to keep forever with so many cheaper great pins out there. Sold mine and honestly don't miss it, I'm an EM wedgehead dude anyway.
3 years ago
This is always a Top 5 game and the EM rating system here is very flawed when so many average and obscure games are in the top 20 and Atlantis is 37. A real EM player knows better. Gottlieb wedgeheads dominate the EM top 25 and Atlantis is the most sought after of them all for a reason. Brutally hard to score on or light specials, this one is also gorgeous head to toe. Can't compare wedgeheads to their multi player sibs because the rule design for wedgeheads has a 3 or 5 ball goal as opposed to reset after each ball. Sheriff/Lawman is a much less interesting/challenging game. Atlantis is close to perfect!!
5 years ago
This is one of the best pins you will ever play. Wedgehead for the ages, unique layout and smart game design are mixed with maybe the coolest playfield/backglass art of any EM. Cabinet art is also special making this one even more desirable. She is quickly getting hard to find for a reason.
5 years ago
This is the game that started it all for me. If you don't dig it then there's a gobble hole in your head. Can't compare it to TA/SC because they don't play the same and the art is so much better on ED. This is what EM pinball is all about. The elder pinheads know how special and iconic this pin is. There are a few 70's wedgeheads that should always be top 10.....Atlantis, Abra Ca Dabra, C37, Jacks Open and of course.... El Dorado.