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3 months ago
Brian Eddy and Stern have spoken. This is the way!
6 months ago
Things are getting better all the time.... They couldn't get much worse. John was right. Disappointing.
Perhaps they can put out one from the psychedelic years to get it right!!!
8 months ago
Very hard game to completely set up. Like the concept of the upper playfield but ran into so many where it wasn't leveled or working properly which HIGHLY affects the outcome of a game. Love the theme. Had to let mine go as it was a maintenance nightmare.
8 months ago
MM is just plan fun. Only continual issue with the remakes in the ball hop down the lanes onto the flippers.
8 months ago
Still trying to figure out all the rules is my only knock. Sometimes too much going on. But.... that is also a good thing.
The new GOLD standard in pinball. MINUS the Quality Control out of the factory. JJP NEEDS to get better there! Especially with the cost of the machines these days being almost as much as a new car.