Hello...I'm BACK! :)

By ChrisM

September 20, 2023

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71 days ago

Hi everyone!! Been a long strange road since I was involved in the pinball community back between 1999 and roughly 2008. Many changes in between - a four year visit to Washington state, a return to Dallas, and now, of all places, central Iowa.

While my extensive collection slowly got whittled away out of storage, I did retain four games (EBD (lovingly restored), Firepower (Original in fair condition), Black Hole (fully restored but mistreated by bad repair elsewhere) and Charlie's Angels EM (still all original, always in climate controlled storage, have a NOS field and backglass as well)), and am in the process of setting them back up again, now that I'm starting to get resettled.

The good news? I saved EVERYTHING from "back in the day" otherwise, meaning all my early Bally testers, Williams early tester, chips, parts, parts, did I mention parts :), and hundreds of original circuit boards/power supplies/displays of all types. I understand of course that the vast majority of these have been reproduced, and hoping there is still a market for original boards, I suppose we'll find out!

In the meantime:

1) Setting up my gameroom 2) Setting up my repair workspace to get boards repaired again 3) Organizing all my excess 4) Wrapping my head around "the state of the hobby" 5) Planning on building up an original Fathom (I have two original, fully populated playfields (one with badly burned harness), and all of the cabinet harnesses to do do. Should be fun!

I also have a late Bally (Fathom style) bare cabinet that I built while at Big Time cabinets in 2005, as well as an early Bally (Evel Knievel style) bare cabinet as well. I am considering perhaps to get back into the cabinet building business, though I know it would take some serious expense to do so; we'll see. That's never left my blood, I truly enjoyed doing that work...and I have the patterns to cut the wood.

Anyhow, I'm sure that a lot of familiar faces from the past have since "exited the building", but then again, I'm sure that a lot of former diehards have maintained a lengthy commitment to the hobby. Hope to see you here. :)

Chris Munson

(Former Texas Pinball Festival founder, former board repair service tech, former Shop Manager at Big Time Cabinets)

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60 days ago

My old man is in the same boat and left pinball at the same time and is now greeting back in the swing of it

58 days ago

Good to have you back... You only missed what has probably been the best era in pinball history, but better late than never!

54 days ago

Dude! So good to see you back and sorry we missed each other up here in WA State. Different times since the ole' RGP days (CARGPB #16 - Here)!! Great to hear you saved the best of your stash, I did the same after a gnarly divorce in 06'. Got back on the bike during COVID and haven't looked back! Anyway - nice seeing a name from the past Chris!

All the best -

Pete Hoerber

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