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4 years ago
If you like racing, you'll love it. Fast pace, Entertaining, fun!!
Great multiball start! Very good DMD animations, and ambiant. Addictive game!
4 years ago
Another great game from JJP. No licence in this game, so you need a great gameplay to attract player and this is the case for DI. There's a lot of things to do in this game. The theme may not be for everybody, but the more you'll play the more you'll fell in love. Game code is deep, ball flow is really good. Lot of cool features: Camera, Magnets, The moving guy you need to hit to charge the phone. Collecting sim card is a big challenge. Not the fastest game you'll play but it doesn't remove the fun part. Some modes are funny, I like the way the camera is used. Even at the end of the game it takes a picture of you for the high scores. Playfield is beautiful.
Congrats Jersey Jack!!
4 years ago
One of my favorites of all times. For this generation, this game is near the perfection. Ball flow and combos are very fun! The music and voices fit the game perfectly. I like the animations on the screen too. Game is pretty easy but the grand finale will give you more challenge. For sure the magic box is a great feature. Like the secret entrance (behind the box).

The only 2 cons I can do on this game is the reliability of this Magic box which can get broken by ball impacts. Fortunately, still today, we can find good replications to replace it. And finally, the hocus pocus magnets can be REALLY frustrating sometimes, because it doesn't freeze the ball enough long so sometimes, the ball is still moving and can go in the outlane instead of the inlane with a poor chance to save it.
This is a SOLID game if you are looking for 90's pinball machine. Not easy to find in good shape and pricey but it deserves it.
4 years ago
This pinball machine is pretty cool. Theme is very well integrated. The playfield design is top notch, the overall ambiant is fun. Good ball flow with a high speed. This game can be frustrating sometimes, big space between flippers a lot of ball bounces, ... Still waiting the next code update to see some improvements that could increase more the fun factor. Captive balls rules on the left side need to be better. Maybe one or 2 new video modes? . Actually there's 2 : "Don't cross the streams" and "Negative Reinforcement on ESP Ability". The first 1 is fun but too easy to win. The 2nd one is just luck and you'll probably never play it because it's so hard to get more points that DCTS mode.
Multiball starts is really cool, and even better with a shaker.
The learning curve for the skillshot is pretty long. A lot of possibilities, and it depends on which strategy you wan't to apply.
Definitely one of the best Stern Pinball machine, but the Premium is a must!! A lot better than the pro!
4 years ago
Pretty hard to rate this game as from a game to another, the score and time to play can be really different. It's easy to have at least 2 balls per game without having a chance to flip. Outlane can be really imperdonable.
This game is missing some drop targets to have more fun with. There's a shot on the top right were the ball is kicked back after you received your points. Unfortunatelly, it happens really often that the ball is reject directly on the wrong spot of the right bumper which return the ball in that place... sometimes you can get 3 or 4 times the bonus just because of the bumper.
Except of that, it's a pretty good machine. The Spinner is really fun to get throught and chimes are good.
The backglass is really nice, the playfield not as much.
This pinball is for sure over the average EM machine but there's a lot more machine you'll get more fun.
4 years ago
The Hobbit, where to start..
This pinball machine is the perfect exemple of a game that will find his best place at home. I tried it the first time in a pinball expo where my first game was veeery long (too long?), a lot of multiballs and the game was a little slow and I couldn't tell if sounds were good because the volume was too low and it was so noisy in the hall that it was hard to really get into the game and enjoy it. But for sure, I felt in love with the stunning playfield and animations on screens plus the winning thematic.
So I watched a couple of videos on Youtube and I couldn't resisted to give it a chance and bought it.
This was my best decision ever!!
1st thing I change right away when I installed the game : opened the right outlane at maximum, removed the center post, adjusted the level to have a good ball speed and finally increased the music volume. 3 month later, it's still configured like that because I think this is the way you get the most fun.
We are now at version 3.00 and the game continues to get better and better.
Playfield lighthing are gorgeous, rules are so great, you have fun multiballs, 31 modes categorized with 5 level of difficulties, 3 scenes. The 1st one "into the fire" is probably the best sequence you can enjoy on a pinball machine. It's addictive!!!
I like the multiple use of the ring, getting points, launching arrow, postpone mode/multiball, save a ball (when right outlane is lighted) if you press it at the right time, etc..
Other things to mention : You can select 4 differents skillshots, moving target completely change the way you play, in some mode you have to respect an order to be able to progress. The mini screen on the playfield is a MUST have! It gives you a tons of useful infos! Finally the TV in the backglass display a TONS of sequence directly from the movie (a things that IMO is missing a lot in POTC), and the visual is very well built so you can know easily what are the things remaining to unlock scenes.
Ok, now about the musics, I have to admit I am a big fan of TSFH, and honnestly, it really fits perfectly The Hobbit.
Everybody in my friends and family enjoy it because it's so immersive. For people who don't like long plays, this game should be the exception. You play this game for his adventure side, a big adventure. I am not sure this game will leave my home one day! Again, it's a must have!

Now a few cons (I tried hard to find somes) : I would like to have more things to do with the upper right flipper. Yes, in some mode or some case you have/can use it but I think it could have been better.
During multiballs, the ball can be stuck under the monster cover (when monster try to hide) and unfortunatelly, the game will not try to release the ball until you lose all your other balls. It happens only 3 or 4 times in 300 games probably so not a big concerns.
In conclusion: If you are looking for an epic adventure, have a family and kids, for sure it's a must have pinball machine. It's soo addictive and don't be worried about the reliability, this game is a monster. It feels solid, and look under the playfield and take the time to analyse all parts! Wow!!

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