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2 years ago
This is as close to the perfect game as it gets. The theme, the technology, the way the game pulls you into an adventure is unlike any other game I've played. I liked it so much after playing it on location I bought one.
3 years ago
Great old Stern, my second choice next to Fathom!
4 years ago
I sold my STTNG pin and a month later was sick to my stomach with sellers remourse. This caused me to start searching for something to fill the void. I found Stern's Star Trek LE at the Banning pinball show and fell in love with it. 2 weeks later I found a great condition local sale and made it mine. After bringing it home where I could actually hear the sounds, music, and call outs all I can say is WOW!!!! Starn hit it out of the park with this one and I think it's better than my previous Star Trek machine. Definately a keeper in my collection
4 years ago
This game was just annoying and the the "party on dude" phrase just irritated me. The playfield was good and I had the best games with the sound on silent. Theme was not for me at all, didn't last a month in my collection
5 years ago
If you haven't played one of these machines, put it on your "to do" list! It was awesome. I played several games on it and honestly, the only thing I didn't really care for was the ruby slipper flippers. They fely clunky to me. Everything else was top notch. I ordered one of these a few years ago and am still waiting for my machine to be delivered, but as of now I have played about 20 games on one and am very happy with the purchase. Can't wait to actually get the machine I paid for!
5 years ago
I have wanted one of these for several years. Finding a deal on one is not impossible, but not very easy either. (As evidenced because it's not in my line up) The few times I have played it I have been disappointed. Don't get me wrong, it was fun to play but for being out of reach for so long I must have created an unrealistic expectation of gameplay. I had the opportunity to play it at the pinball hall of fame in Las Vegas NV. No light came from the sky, I didn't hear any birds singing, and the St Pauly girl didn't show up with a cold beer for me. The playfield and flippers had a strange feel and the shots seemed very easy. I found myself standing in line to play a METLE, ACDC, or WOZLE as opposed to no line for this one. I know this has a huge following, and I can't honestly compare this to one of the new Sterns as I led you to believe in my above comments, but comparing apples to apples I prefer IJ, CFTBL, CV, CC to this one (same era).
5 years ago
Just bought this pin so my comments are biased, however, look a it this way: I like it so much I paid for it to be in my gameroom! Love the band / theme / music and the electric chair is awesome! MOPLE has the best artwork by a mile! PROUD OWNER
Update: After the new code, I can't stop playing it. Quickly rose to the top of my collection, definately in the top #3
5 years ago
I think this is a very good pinball, but overpriced in my opinion. While it's fun to play, it's not the kind of game I can play for hours on end. It gets boring after 4 games or so. Nice to have in a collection, but not as a sole unit
5 years ago
I played this machine at a local dealer's store. Wow, what a nice playing machine. I didn't like it as much as Medieval Madness but it was good. The game sayings are hilarious and keep you smiling. I knew I had to have one from that point on and it took me 3 years to find somewhat of a deal on one but I took the plunge. After getting it home, it didn't get the attention it deserved being in the shadow of Metallica and ACDC. Hard to compete with the lights and technology of the newer Stern pins.
5 years ago
I recently found one of these machines and had about 10 games on it. It was good, and I enjoyed the games I had on it, but I was not impressed to the point that this should be a top 10 machine.
Edit: ended up purchasing one of these and once you understand the rules and playfield layout it's a fantastic pin. Love it rating adjusted accordingly
5 years ago
I played this at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. WOW what a nice machine!!! I enjoyed the gameplay so much I'm going to buy one. The only complaint is the backglass was just OK and the animations could have been better. Oh, and the "HELL" playfield was not worth the hype. Still, I'm buying one!
5 years ago
“Worst stern game I have played. I played this at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas and ended up walking away from it. I flagged down some kid on the 3rd ball of my 1st game and handed the remaining credits over to him. The only other game I have played that I couldn't stand was Jurassic Park. I bought JP from a local flipper who claimed the machine was in good condition but broke every other game. Very rare to not like the game so much that you yearn for the play to end! Not only will I never own this game, but I don't even want to play it for free”
6 years ago
The game layout and the flow of the playfield are good. The shots aren't so easy that you get bored quickly, and they aren't too hard that you throw your hands up in frustration either. The drive-in theater theme appeals to older people who have fond memories of the drive in's and it's very well done. If you ever have the opportunity to add one of these to your collection without paying an arm and a leg, do it! I had one for several years but sold it. Strangely I don't miss it at all.
7 years ago
I am lucky enough to have one of the 1st 100 prototypes! This is an awesome game, definately a keeper!!!!!
8 years ago
This is the best game ever produced, I like it even better than Monster Bash and that game is a perfect 10!
9 years ago
I just didn't really get this machine. I guess you have to be a die-hard Elvira fan or something. It was a good game and fun to play, but not a top 10 in my opinion...sorry
9 years ago
This is a good pinball. The playfield toys are awesome with the truck, the levitating ball, and the hidden basement. Another great point is that the game tells you where you are supposed to shoot the ball. This makes it very user friendly and easier to play. When the kids get frustrated with the TZ due to the difficulty, the ToM is right there. It is not super easy, but the design is much simpler and it serves an entirely different purpose.
Update: Sold this machine to buy a MM. We don't really miss it like we thought we would. I'll have to reduce my rating because the lastability isn't there.
9 years ago
I have played a few of these machines, and every time I do it renews my desire to buy one. I am a fan of the movies and this machine was designed correctly! Much better than PoTC. The sounds and voices are awesome, the theme is timeless, and the play is top notch. I will most likely buy one in the near future. This one will be a good addition to anyones collection and will last you for years of fun.
9 years ago
Hard to find but worth the price if you do! I like this as much as MM and TZ! The playfield toys which already come on this machine are awesome. One of the few machines out there that has little to no need for mods.
9 years ago
I think this is a great addition to any collection. You can't go wrong with one of these.
Update: game lacks lastability and even becomes boring after a short time. (yes I know everything is boring after a while) When you have a few in your collection, and one sits off to the side for a long time without anyone wanting to play it, time to rotate! I really wanted to keep this in the collection as an example of the pinball 2000 style, but couldn't hold onto one of the spots in my line up. Replaced with CFTBL!
9 years ago
I absolutely love this game. I am a huge fan of the book and movies so the sound clips for me are very entertaining. The game play is awesome with a nice balance of easy and hard shots. I do think the backglass could have been better. This one is definately a keeper and I will probably never sell it. Do yourself a favor, and when you buy one of these spend a few extra dollars and get a HUO. It's well worth it in the end and the less time fixing something the more time playing you'll get. It makes the ownership much more enjoyable....
9 years ago
This machine had so much potential, but someone dropped the ball with the crappy voice impressions. Would it really have costed that much more to have the actors record a few phrases? I felt like there was a really bad comic hiding under the machine immitating the movie over and over and over... The tortuga ramp was a straight ball drain every single time. It got to the point where I no longer wanted to play the machine. I tried replacing the bulbs with led's but it didn't work either
9 years ago
I really tried to like this machine, but I can't stand it at all. I bought it and it almost immediately broke. After fixing the T-rex time and time again, I sold it. The T-rex is a horrible design which will break on you. I don't care what anybody says, and if they tell you anything different then they're probably trying to sell it to you. The sound is substandard, and gameplay is boring. Not only will I never own this terrible game again, but I wouldn't even play it for free. This game will cure insomnia, or entertain a room full of kids (and that because they can use it to climb on). I think it's best suited for a hotel lobby where the players are new all the time, because they won't linger around for long playing it. It is definately not for a collector or skilled pinball player. If this is Data East's best game than I won't ever buy another DE machine. You know what they say about boats right?(the two best days)This rating is from a previous owner, who actually played this machine!
9 years ago
I had this pin the longest out of all of my other ones. It keeps me coming back time and time again. This is truely an under-rated game in my opinion and would be great addition to any collection. I like this one much better than some of the more popular machines out there.
Rating update: I liked it much better when it was next to JP and STEP1, however as my collection has changed so has my opinion of the game. Still a good game, that's for sure and I would buy it again if I could find a deal on it but I don't miss it nearly as much as I miss my TZ! I should have never sold that one