My earliest pinball recollection

By ChrisHibler

April 04, 2012

10 years ago

Rack-A-Ball was the first pin I remember playing. I was only about 8 years old, but I vividly remember 5 balls for a dime, the pool theme, the backglass animation, and the playfield layout. I also remember being able to get the ball stuck between the upper left pop-bumper and the playfield rubber immediately left. If the pop-bumper was lit, you could pop games pretty quickly.

I had been looking for a decent Rack-A-Ball for quite some time when I stopped into the local pin dealers showroom, and there it sat. We settled on a price and I brought this baby home. Once I fired her up, so many great memories came rushing back.

The game was located in a country bar in Beaufort, MO called "The Mill". The bar was run by a good old guy named Hugo, who like so many of the people in the area, was of German descent. The bar featured pickled hard-boiled eggs and pigs feet in clear gallon jars at the bar, Sundrop soda, a big-ball bowler, and a pool table. It had a giant (5 feet long) stuffed fish mounted near the front door, bassy Seeburg "teardrop" speakers playing for folks on the hanging swing on the front porch, and grist mill wheels at the sidewalk entrance. Places like that don't exist anymore, sadly.

Chris Hibler

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10 years ago

Nice story Chris sounds like one heck of a bar also

10 years ago

It's too bad they didn't have the stuffed fish too to complete the memory...
Welcome aboard CH!

8 years ago

Great story Chris! A Big Ball Bowler there too.

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