Pinball bug!

By Chief_G

April 21, 2020

1 year ago

I was in Buffalo NY a couple of years ago during the holidays and went to the mall with my kids to burn some time.  There was a store that had about 8 pins, so we decided to play.  We ended up playing for a couple of hours and spent many quarters, it was a blast.  I was really surprised that my kids liked playing so much, and I did too.  Think we played Batman, Aerosmith, Creature OTBL, Kiss, Ghostbusters, Iron man...That was the ice breaker.  Great family time.  Fast forward to 2019.  I found a local pinball club online one day when I was thinking it would be nice to play with the kids again.  So we stopped in on a Saturday to see what was what.  The club was tucked away in a small shopping center and not visible to passerbys, and the door was blacked out so you could not see inside at all, it was a bit mysterious.  We walked up and opened door, and well.....everything kinda slowed down and got fuzzy for me when I observed the most pinball machines I'd ever seen in one place (30).  I think I started speaking in tongue, and maybe a little pee came out..  lol.  The PINBALL BUG immediately bit me, joined club, purchased my first pin in Jan 2020 (Stranger Things), now have Dirty Harry, Guardians coming next month, not sure how many I can fit in mancave but it will be maxed out at some point, maybe...  Love playing pins with friends and family, Thanks for reading, Dave


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1 year ago

thats radical !!! welcome to the club.

1 year ago

Nice story, great to have the family involved in the hobby.

1 year ago

Your game room will be full in a year or two.

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