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14 days ago
One of my best friends just received this game last week. I helped him set it up this past weekend and played it for a couple of hours. This game is simply incredible. It's unlike any other pin you've ever played and requires many adjustments in order to make the shots. The upper PFs are like 2 games by themselves and very challenging. I've owned some of the best games to come out in the past few years and know what's good and not so good. This pin is so much damn fun, the eerie music, the videos which are improving, my 14 year old son said the music was creepy and a little scary, which was awesome. This game definitely gets your juices flowing and is very exciting to play. I'm jealous of my friend as I have to wait a while for mine. Sound system was insanely loud and crisp, oh, and no more rattling glass, they must have fixed that. All I can say is that I didn't want to stop playing and got so damn close to hitting the upper PF ramp, man I was frustrated. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME
If Spooky gets rid of those corny animations and used the real house and assets in the background, maybe add BOC "Don't fear the reaper", this game easily competes for game of the year with GZ and is a incredible change up game in you pin lineup. It's a top 3 game. Liked it much better the MM and AFM. Friggin unique and cool in every way. Blew me away. Don't believe these knuckleheads who are tearing this game down, it's a pinball experience. Play this in a dark quiet room and you'll probably get chills.

Thank you Spooky for raising the bar and giving the pin community this masterpiece.
3 months ago
I played 2 games at Pinfest so I’m rating my games.
This game was absolutely incredible from every angle. Gameplay and shots were very smooth, upper PFs were clallenging, lights were insanely perfect and dazzling, artwork even more beautiful in person. If you’ve not laid a hand on one of these and are trying to rate it, just stop now. You’ll be wrong!
This game is crazy good and plays fantastic. Spooky really raised the bar with this one. Can’t wait till they start shipping them.

Played several more games last night at Barcade in Jersey City. My rating stays the same, this game is awesome and fun to play. Nothing like this or Halloween out there. Unique layouts and a blast to play!!
5 months ago
Don’t know how this made top 200 machines. Not very fun!
6 months ago
This is the best game I’ve played since playing pinball started for me 2 years ago period. I’ve played just about every game on top 100 too. This game should be #1 IMO.

Holy crap is this game fun with incredible shots, multi balls and call outs. This game definitely has “the stuff” like an ace baseball pitcher!

Stern nailed this game from all sides. I really was hoping AIQ would be as fun, but it’s just not.

Hopefully Mandalorian hits the nail on the head like DP, otherwise I’ll be selling that just like I did AIQ LE after 50 plays.

Fun fun fun!!!!!
7 months ago
Love this game. Very fun to play, fast shots and great music. Shots actually quite challenging with timers going crazy and rock blasting. Nelson and Taarna shots quite satisfying when coupled with the shaker explosions. I have it connected to my stereo and I can’t say enough about how awesome the killer soundtrack is. Great. Game!

Also, the artwork on this machine is gorgeous and probably should have won a Twipy.
7 months ago
Amazing pin! Fun fun fun
8 months ago
Awesome friggin pin. A must have!!
8 months ago
This game is so much fun to play. Spooky nailed the theme, fun factor, sound, shots. A few minor PF tweaks with space ship bracket and glass vibration from the awesome sound system. Love this pin, it’s bolted to floor. My teenage son and I look forward to playing it every day.
9 months ago
A group of us drove from Richmond, Va. to Pinball Palace in Brunswick, Ga. last weekend (2nd trip) to play all of the best games out. If you've never been, man you just have to go. Totally worth the trip.

Really wanted to play GNR. Incredible game with cool tech, gadgets, lights, sound, etc... However, IMO it had so much going on that I spent half my time figuring out where there ball was going and couldn't see parts of the PF because it's completely populated with stuff. Upper PF...meh... Didn’t like the plunger at all, very unsatisfying.

Why is he talking about GnR, this rating is for LZ? I'm getting there...

LZ LE was right next to GnR, so of course we all played that next. We all had low expectations for LZ because of all the chatter online and from pinheads that have been in the game a while, even watched a couple of youtube pinball channels, the same folks we all watch, not naming any hosts The artwork stinks, there's only so many shots, why can't this flipper hit this ramp, what are those side lights, etc... Blah blah blah..... WRONG,WRONG,WRONG!

This game kicked ass!!!! Loud music from arguably the best rock band ever, side lights were awesome and PF was nice and bright, shots were super fast, ramps were accessible and really fun to hit. All three of us plus my 13 year old son hands down preferred LZ to GnR. I know it sounds kooky, JJP has a lot of cool tech, and was fun to play, and I know some of you pinheads know more than I because you've been in the game much longer,. Who does this newbie think he is, blah blah blah....

LZ was a blast...

LZ had people waiting to play it all weekend while GnR was untouched for periods of time. That's all I'm saying. Oh, and I need to get the Premium ASAP.

I agree with the comments on the rating before this one, he nailed it. It feels like an old school pin on steroids.

BTW, I played the LE, not the premium, but I don't feel like cut and pasting, deal with
10 months ago
I used to own the pro, which was really cool, but then sold it to try out some new pins.

Played the LE about a year later and fell in love with this game all over again. LE was even better than I imagined. The ball capture magnet, the constant video, of course the UV kit, the call outs, awesome code updates, and now the incredible music from CLELAND. The artwork and PF are incredible too. This is one of my favorite games now, once again, I will not be selling the LE for quite a while. Everything about this game and theme is super cool and it is really fun to play every time. It has great shots and killing that shaking Demogorgan is so rewarding and exciting.

If ever you find yourself missing a pin after you sell it, it's a sign of a really good game if you ask me.

Again I watched a youtube pinball channel where this guy was just tearing this game a new one, huh?? Did he play it blindfolded? I had to stop watching that channel because our interpretations of super fun immersive pinball games are definitely not aligning. This game should be ranked higher. I like it as much as DP.

Don't listen to the nay sayers, go play the premium or LE and see for yourself. This game kick ass..

Loving my ST LE!!!!
10 months ago
Awesome game!
1 year ago
Game looks killer, great soundtrack, clips from movie are a blast, groot is perfect, PF has nice colors, shots are challenging enough, huge fun factor that everyone in the family enjoys playing. Way underrated compared to other games. More fun than AVENGERS IQ LE IMO, owned both.
1 year ago
Awesome theme and game that’s fun to play and will stand the test of time.
1 year ago
Honeymoon period was quick with this game. Theme, music, fun factor just ok. Wire forms and shots were great as expected, however, somehow something just didn’t click for me. Should have stuck with those epic movie characters we’ve all come to love over the last decade. Game needed their voices/call outs, awesome music from movies-something to get your juices flowing, and movie scenes during gameplay. Also, game was begging for some kind of BOOM button for major battle explosions. Huge disappointment for me that did not capture intensity or excitement of those great marvel movies. Comic characters did not click for me. I really wanted to like it. My 13 yr old son also could not get into comic characters on game.

We do love GOTG and Deadpool, two very different Marvel themed pins that are fun and exciting to play.

BTW, l love JP and IM by Elwin.

Can’t believe folks are trying to prop this game up. It’s not that great, certainly not number 5. Makes me question if folks rating it work for a particular company, I mean, seriously, this game is not that fun. It reminds me of all the hype for any movie that was highly advertised and was ultimately just ok.
Super 8 comes to mind. Sorry but the truth hurts. Better than JP or IM or LOTR, not even close....
1 year ago
Incredible game, so much fun!