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5 months ago
Ok I’ve only owned this game for a day, however it’s the best first impression I can remember on any machine. IMHO it’s easily the best Stern in recent years...actually probably of all time. Ticks all the boxes. Playfield is legit.
Shots and ramps as smooth as anything, flow for days.
Best light show ever, audio too I’d say. Animations are definitely Sterns most accomplished.
Code is killer already...and don’t get me started on Zombi Yetis art skills. Boom!
11 months ago
Ok so the initial production run of Stranger Things pro had a few issues notably with the Demogorgon shot which needed to be finely adjusted using the flipper power settings, along with the game needing to be perfectly levelled. A lot of these first run games were not setup correctly and attracted a lot of negative reviews and hate from players on location. Ignore them.
Once the game is set up correctly it is an absolute blast!
Awesome layout and rules by Brian Eddy (MM and AFM) brilliant atmospheric sound and lighting package along with silky smooth shots with flow for days!
Oh and the centre Demogorgon shot is one of the most rewarding shots in pinball.
Destined to be an all time classic once more people play it and the LE and Premium version hit the streets.
Highly recommended and good fun.
1 year ago
A true players game, Keith Elwin and the team at Stern created a masterpiece with this one
2 years ago
Challenging and punishing at times, but keeps you coming back for more. A modern day classic with a solid playfield layout. Addictive
2 years ago
What needs to be said that hasn’t already?! One of the very best efforts from Williams, a timeless classic and a true display of talent from George Gomez. Along with MM absolutely smashes the coin drop on location even after 20 years. A keeper
2 years ago
The best game still after all these years, Brian Eddy absolutely smashed it, along with Lyman on code. Wide appeal from newcomers to experienced players. The king of earners, on location, probably due to it appealing to almost everyone. What’s not to love. Will never leave our collection
2 years ago
Very good game with lasting appeal, the toy box must be one of the best playfield toys in awhile. Great art package. Addictive gameplay and great flow. Would own this game again
2 years ago
Pretty good but didn’t really have that one more game appeal. Rules and what to shoot for can be confusing especially for newer players on location. A couple of difficult shots make for a often frustrating experience. Good effort from JJP though and preferred over the Hobbit. Rules could be improved with updates I’m sure.
2 years ago
Addictive, fast and challenging. Good effort from Stern, could be improved with future code tweeks. Similar flow to GOT and ST. A good earner on location along with GOTG
2 years ago
Massively improved since release. The latest code updates have turned a good game into one of Sterns greatest, there’s no doubt about that. A keeper
5 years ago
Top 5 Stern game. Very addictive gameplay with the best light show in pinball.